Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 115 Weigh Day Number Seven and My Ten Pound Mission

Day 115

Weigh Day Number Seven and My Ten Pound Mission

OK, now it’s on! Today’s weigh day brought me closer to that milestone 100 pound mark. The scale read 415 today, down from 505, for a total loss of 90 pounds. I’m very happy with 8 pounds this time. We’re officially finished with the holidays and I made it through losing weight every step of the way. I’m proud of that accomplishment. I’ve written about my many attempts in the past that were completely destroyed by the holiday season. And when the holidays get the best of us, it’s always accepted because “Hey, relax! It’s the holidays!” But I knew if I wanted to stay on course and keep this big commitment, then I had to put my head down and focus on the really important things to me. And getting the weight off is numero uno. So the stage is set. I’ve got a short term two week goal: lose 10 pounds. Can I do it? Bet on it. I will do everything in my power to work harder, drink more water, and do the things I know work. I’m completely capable of hitting the 100 pound mark in two weeks. I have to get it done. If I were to weigh in two weeks and find another 8 pound loss, that would be great and frustrating at the same time. 9 pounds next time would be even worse! I’ll be happy with what I lose. I can’t really complain about my weight loss totals. 90 pounds in 115 days is great any way you look at it. But what am I capable of? I don’t think I’ve discovered that yet. We’ll just see what I can do in the next two weeks. I’m hitting that goal, in fact I just might shatter it. And I’ll still be eating every last bit of my 1,500 calories a day; I’ll just switch up my exercise routine. I’m excited! You know what’s going to happen. I’m going to lose 10 or 12 pounds, and then if I have a two-week period of anything less than that, I’ll feel like a slacker. I just read what I typed…I really need to get over myself! 90 pounds in 115 days…3 1/2 , 4, sometimes 5 pounds or more a week…These are phenomenal totals to be proud of. OK, I’m better now. Sometimes I have to stop long enough to realize that any frustration I might have is based on my impatient personality. I want it now, even though I know this is a one day at a time deal. Like I said, I’ll do the things I know work: Increase water consumption, stay with 1,500 calories, and workout harder. That should do it.

I did some math today and realized I’m about two weeks behind the pace of my 2004 weight loss. Not a big deal. I’m four years older and I’m only two weeks behind that pace? Fine. This isn’t a 100 meter dash, it’s a marathon. Several people have told me that. I just need to remind myself every now and then. When I hit the 103 pound mark back then, I’d been doing it four months and five days. This time, when I hit that goal in two weeks it’ll be four months, two weeks, and six days…Wait a second! I made a math mistake!!! In 2004 I started on March 15th and on July 20th I weighed in with a total loss of 103. That’s four months and five days. This time I started on September 15th and I’m on track to hit the 100 pound mark by January 21st. Four months and six days. OK, forget the first half of this paragraph! I’m only 1 day behind my pace of 2004. Wow, that’s not bad at all!

Thank you for all of the motivation and encouragement you give me. This blog was created to keep me on track everyday. But I really had no idea how much it would grow and become so important to my daily motivation. When I check the numbers and see how many times it’s been read everyday, it just blows me away. There are some days when the myspace version is read sixty or seventy times. And the “global” version ( has been read all over the United States, plus six other countries on four continents. That’s just incredible to me. I hope that somewhere out there, a person facing the same battle is reading and gaining strength from my experiences. In the beginning I just thought of this blog as my personal lifeline of support and accountability, and it still is, but now I’m really seeing how it’s potentially helping others. That makes me feel incredible.

Just remember, I’m not perfect and I’m not a doctor. But even a doctor can’t argue with the simple approach I’ve taken. I eat less, but still enough and I exercise and try to drink enough water. I’ve also tried to understand myself. The psychological aspects of this journey are an even bigger part than the food and exercise. I sometimes over analyze myself, but it’s all in an effort to really understand what I’ve done to get up over 500 pounds and what I need to do and learn to never go back. I refuse any pills or supplements that promise “amazing results.” I don’t do “meal replacement” diets or anything unnatural. I’ll admit some of these things are good for you ingredient wise, no doubt. But I can’t see how they teach us to handle food and exercise in everyday life after the weight is gone. For years I looked for something that would magically make me thin. It’s funny that the solution doesn’t cost anything, doesn’t have an infomercial, and you won’t see it advertised during the Super Bowl. It’s eating less, exercising more, and getting in touch with the real you inside. Now that solution and philosophy probably won’t land me any weight loss endorsement deals someday, but that’s just fine. This is the real deal. And I’m on my way! Have a fantastic day and again, thank you for reading and your support. Good night and…

Good Choices,

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