Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 123 Enough With The Mexican Food and Waking Up My Muscles

Day 123

Enough With The Mexican Food and Waking Up My Muscles

Maybe I eat too much Mexican food. Is that possible? Mexican food is awesome. But last night my bean tostado and taco supreme did a number on me like no other. It was obvious that it was food poisoning. It made me so sick that I wasn't able to get up and do my radio show this morning. It really has to be bad for me to miss my show. I've gone on the air before sick, no problem, but I was too much of a mess this morning to handle anything but bed rest. So my day was a little different, in that it started much later than normal. And I did go in to the studio for a special project that was scheduled today, so I didn't have the entire day off! Irene's birthday was today, so I was really careful with my calorie consumption before dinner. I knew we were planning a trip to a popular Mexican restaurant. I know, I never learn. But Irene picked the place, so what could I do? It was fine, and since I had 1,100 calories to use, I was fine. I even had a, brace yourself, a sopapia! I did! With honey too! After my two enchiladas and chips and dip, I have about 30 calories left. No problem! If I really want something later I'll have a pickle. I do think I'll intentionally avoid Mexican food for a little while. It's so dog gone tasty and fairly simple to calculate calorie wise, I'm just getting tired of it.

I'm really getting excited for the coming months of losing weight. By the time summer rolls around, I'll be in a completely new category weight wise. If I'm looking slimmer now, just wait till then, because we're talking a completely different looking person. I'm getting ready to pick up Courtney early from her tutoring class and we're headed to the YMCA for a great workout. I'll finish this after that!

We're back! I think I'm going to be sore in the morning. Those weight machines really know what they're doing. There was a guy in front of me making me feel like a weakling. Every time I would get on I would have to adjust the weights down. He was doing between 90 and 120 pounds, I was doing 30 to 50. I'll get there! It's a really great workout that you can feel immediately, afterward I really wanted to find a spot to crash, but instead I hopped on the treadmill for some first class cardio. Debbie asked if I still do the racquetball workout, and yes I still do occasionally. It's still a great workout, but lately I've been getting everything I can out of the treadmill.

A few big milestones are coming up. The 100 pounds lost mark, the “into the 300's” mark, and the 115 lost mark. These are big time boosters for me. And all of the other little surprises along the way are awesome too. Those new Levis I bought a while back...even with a belt I'm continuously pulling them up, without a belt, forget it! I'm really proud of this accomplishment. And this is only the beginning my friend.

I've finally been doing this long enough to recognize some vital changes in my natural reaction to stressful situations. I use to eat when I dealt with stress. Stressful triggers would stop me cold every time. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to do this, because there's always going to be some kind of stress, right? But I've noticed lately that when stressful situations pop up, I'm not driven to food. I'm not really driven to anything, OK, maybe cigarettes. But before I embarked on this journey, stress would have me doing a two handed workout. One hand with a cigarette and the other with a large pizza. I remember Whit commenting early that if I could just go 21 days straight, I could break these old habits for good. It may have taken me a little more than 21 days to completely stop the automatic response to stress, but I can honestly say I haven't had a problem controlling it lately, not one bit.

Another weekend is upon us and with it comes a little warmer weather I hope! Geez it's been cold. Not cold compared to what Dixie Chic Dana, Steve, and Sashia are dealing with, but still cold! I can't wait for warmer weather. Before the weekend is over I want to accomplish a treadmill 5K. The constant speed of the treadmill is what makes it harder than a normal walk in the park. I know I can do it! And I will! Why the sudden increase in my workouts? 10 pounds in two weeks. I've got to hit it, and I'm not giving up one calorie of my 1,500 a day, so I've got to get it done with good old fashioned sweatin'. Then once I do it, I need to maintain that level of workout commitment. Because this isn't “Sean's leisurely stroll” weight loss plan, this is the “Get in there and get it done-no excuses” plan.

Thanks for reading my daily thoughts and experiences along this transforming journey. I really appreciate your support. I'm gonna go help a kid with homework, then drop in bed! Good night and...

Good Choices,

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