Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 133 A Very Un-Lazy Sunday

Day 133

A Very Un-Lazy Sunday

Today we decided to treat ourselves to Sunday dinner out. One of our favorite places is a little country down home cooking kind of place called J.W. Cobbs. I knew what Sunday at noon meant at J.W.'s, it meant a big steaming all you can eat buffet of old fashioned country foods. The place was packed and there was about a 15 minute wait for a table, so we just stood up front near the buffet line and waited. I couldn't help but look over at the feast of buffet selections. They had fried chicken, meatloaf, salisbury steak, fried catfish, fried okra, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, extra cheesy mac and cheese, and made from scratch dinner rolls, plus a salad bar and who knows what else I didn't notice. I certainly knew what I was getting! Not that!! Could I have navigated that buffet without going crazy? Probably, but with a menu available, why would I? I ordered the chicken breast. That's it, a big juicy grilled chicken breast. I ate it with a knife and fork and a tablespoon of A-1 Sauce. It was very satisfying and I got out of there under 350 calories! Irene and Courtney opted for the buffet, but neither one of them finished their plate or went back for seconds or desert. Oh yeah, they had all you can eat apple pie like stuff for desert. I usually have at least half of a dinner roll when we go there, but not today, I wasn't tempted in the least. This “in the zone” feeling makes it so easy sometimes. I did see a couple of people I knew there. I wonder if when they see me in a restaurant with a buffet, do they at first question silently... “Mmmm, is Sean off the wagon?” One look at my plate tells you exactly where I am. I did see a friend there that had been losing weight very nicely, but he informed me, as he loaded a plate, that he was on “vacation” from that at the moment. I remember saying things like that before. I completely understand where he is. I've been there many times. It can be easy to lose focus and slowly go back to old behaviors, I've held the championship belt for doing that before. I plan on calling him tomorrow and welcomed or not, I'm giving him a pep talk...I may even go see him in person. I think I will drop in and see him.

After dinner we did something we haven't done in a very long time. We went bowling! It was $1 bowling day today at the alley, so we did it! I always would shoot down the screams of “let's go bowling!” from the backseat because I'm fat, and it's a chore to put my shoes on and take them off once a day, now you want me to take off my shoes, put on another pair of special shoes, then take them off after the game, and put back on my shoes? At over 500 pounds it was exhausting just thinking about that idea. Plus, it involved moving, and moving is something I always avoided at over 500. I'd usually suggest something a little easier...“Let's go to a movie!” At the movies I can squeeze into a seat in a dark theater and stuff myself with 2000 calories worth of movie popcorn while I enjoy the show, or if the show is bad, I can stuff myself full of popcorn and take a nap while Irene nudges me awake every few minutes because I'm snoring. Today the bowling was great. When we first arrived Courtney made short work out of beating the snot out of her daddy on the air hockey table while we waited for a lane. When we were ready to bowl, the shoe ordeal wasn't a big deal anymore. It was a great game, by the way Irene won with a 96, I had a 93, and Courtney did fantastic too! The only way it could have been better is if Amber could have been there!

While I have described some Sundays as “lazy Sundays” around here, today was anything but lazy. Bowling was some decent exercise, but as soon as we got home we “suited up” for the YMCA. I discovered that 3.6 mph on one machine, doesn't always mean the same on another. After waiting for a treadmill to open up and riding a stationary bike for 15 minutes, I was ready for my walk...My power walk. I don't know if the treadmill I used was going faster than it should, or if the treadmill I normally use is slower than it registers. All I know is at 3.6 mph I was getting a very good workout almost immediately. By the time I passed the mile point I was dripping and exhausted. It normally takes at least two miles for me to feel like I've had a good workout, but not today. I knew I had one without a doubt. As soon as we got back home we had to get ready to go to Stillwater for a visit with family. It was a nice drive and visit and an unusually busy Sunday around here.

On the way home, Courtney and Irene slept while I drove. It gave me time to think about this journey. I have to say that this has been one of the easiest weekends I've had in a while. When the weekend comes I usually have to up my self-security and keep a closer watch. But this weekend I felt so good and in a very solid mindset. It's weekends like these that show me how I can go all the way. I can make these lifestyle changes permanent. Where I am right now is just the beginning of this wondrous journey. I plan on posting more pictures soon, especially a pic that Courtney took Friday night of me standing in the kitchen surrounded by food for our party. I see such a huge difference in that picture. I like it! Do you know how long it's been since I liked any picture of me? I can't remember and that's way too long. I also thought about the important role this blog is playing in my success. I invest a lot of time writing this blog. It's an every night thing and my family knows it. It's just become a vital part, a must-do part of my schedule. When I first decided to do this blog I told Irene that even if the only reader was Amber in her dorm room, that was OK by me. But it's grown so much since I started and I'm thrilled that so many make a point to read it everyday. I thank you for reading and following along on this journey from 505 pounds. If I was slowly killing myself with morbid obesity before, I'm now saving myself one day at a time. Until tomorrow evening, good night and...

Good Choices,

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