Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 119 Smaller Man Breast and Other Positive Results

Day 119

Smaller Man Breast and Other Positive Results

Today was completely different than yesterday. I slept through breakfast time, and went straight for lunch when I woke up. Courtney was staying at a friends house, so I fixed Irene and me lunch in bed. I found only one chicken breast in the freezer. I put that on the Foreman Grill while I chopped some onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. The dish? Soft chicken tacos for two! I grabbed some small soft flour tortillas and spread a thin layer of sour cream on four of them. I sprinkled the veggies and some finely shredded cheddar on them and waited for the chicken to finish cooking. It normally doesn't take so long, but this one was frozen to start. After I was convinced it was completely cooked, I sliced it into small strips and divided the chicken among four soft tacos. I brought the salsa bottle to the bedside and we were set! The highest calorie ingredient was the tortillas at 85 each, and each taco had a total count of 180. So 360 calories for lunch isn't bad at all, and the calories I skipped for breakfast opened up a little more snack calories for later. Counting calories doesn't have to be boring or depriving at all. This lunch was delicious and filling, anything but boring and depriving.

It was a lazy Sunday around here for sure. As I watched TV this afternoon I noticed something cool. I can sit on the couch with my legs up and one leg bent and tucked in. I could kind of do it before, but nothing like today. It was easy, not quite like crossing my legs, but really close. It was a big difference indeed. Then as I was laying in bed trying to gently wake Irene, I gave myself an examination. My man boobs are smaller! I kid you not!! They have shrunk considerably. This made me feel really good. I can almost sit like a slim person and my chest fat is slowly shrinking away. It's easy to just go about my daily routine and not notice these things specifically. But when I do take the time to notice, it reinforces my dedication to the mission. So many times in the past I've started on this journey, but didn't make it to the results portion of the show. Results are progress points that do wonders for the forward momentum of our journey. Feeling and seeing the fruits of our labor is a big part of success. I've referred to it in these writings as the “success snowball effect, or positive results snowball effect.” Positive results are addictive, and make me want more, and getting more means continuing to do the things that have led to this success. Instead of watching TV this afternoon I should have been at the YMCA working out...I'm gonna need another paragraph for this.

Even with the pressure of a solid 10 pound goal for next weigh day, I still didn't drag my lazy butt off the couch and get into the Y today. Do I walk in the cold again tonight? Or do I try some inside exercises like I've done before? I'll go for the indoor exercises tonight. The problem with those is, it's really hard to duplicate the intensity of a workout at the fitness center. Rachel is giving us a “Sweatin' To The Oldies” DVD on Tuesday, and I plan on using it on a regular basis! My biggest challenge by far is getting enough exercise time. There's no good excuse for not. So when I ask myself the question: Am I doing everything I can do to make me lose the most weight possible? The answer is no. I've got to change that very quickly. As I approach the 100 pound lost mark, I realize that the next 100 pounds may be a little more challenging. This is no time to take a relaxed approach to exercise. This is the time to kick myself into high gear and get it done. Instead of waiting until 8pm, Courtney and I will go to the YMCA at 4pm tomorrow. Perhaps I can finally get that tutorial on the weight machines that I've been talking about getting since the Monday after Thanksgiving. Geez, I mean, the results are great so far, but is it what I'm capable of? No, not at all. I've got the calorie thing down 100%, the self analysis and psychological understanding is great, but the exercise thing needs work. I'm going to need a towel at the Y tomorrow I guarantee.

By the way, I enjoyed a molten chocolate cake today! It was one of those Warm Delights Mini bowls. It's only 150 calories and a taste of chocolate indulgence for sure! They're so easy to make and we're definitely making them a part of our grocery budget from here on out!

Irene has a birthday coming up on Thursday. She's turning 29 again. I have no idea how she's turned back the hands of time, but she has! She still gets asked for her ID everywhere. She has always looked young and sometimes is mistaken for Amber and Courtney's sister! That's cool. So I'm not going to say how old she'll really be, because like they say...You're only as old as you feel! That number has nothing to do with it! I better hit the floor, I feel some mean jumping jacks coming on. Thank goodness we don't live above anyone! And we have a concrete slab foundation. 'Cause I'm about to bring it! Good night and...

Good Choices,

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