Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 116 The Athlete Inside and Unlikely "Diet" Foods

Day 116

The Athlete Inside and Unlikely “Diet” Foods

I'm really excited about this two week ten pound weigh in challenge. I honestly don't think it's going to be too difficult if I stay focused on the goal. I believe I can get it done. I've kind of been cruising right along with 7 pounds the previous weigh day and 8 pounds yesterday. So it shouldn't be that hard to step it up to 10 pounds for this period.

Tonight I had a special broadcast to do at one of the big casinos in the area. They brought in an Elvis Impersonator from Branson for a big free concert. As I people watched between on air breaks, I was focusing on different large body types. After doing this for a while, Irene showed up for work and we talked for a few minutes about large body types. Some guys have a really large belly and skinny legs, some have a large rear and legs, but not much of a belly. Some guys have a skinny face and a big body. You see all kinds everywhere. But I'm a little different. I'm equally big all over. I have a very even weight distribution, so I'm pretty sure that's one of the key reasons I've been able to carry around over 500 pounds for years. As I chatted with my wife, we concluded that I was never meant to be so heavy! I was just lucky to be 6'3”. I was half joking when I said I was hiding the body of an athlete under all this. I really have an athletic build underneath and it's so exciting to see it slowly emerge. It makes sense really, after all, this body has been lugging around over 500 pounds. With every movement I was in weight training!

I really love the freedom that counting calories allows. Tonight I had fried chicken and mashed potatoes with cream gravy. What “diet” would condone that? But this is not a “diet”, this is a lifestyle change. I'm learning about portion control. I had a fried chicken breast and a small serving of the mashed potatoes and gravy. How did I calculate the meal? Well, since the food at the casino doesn't come with calorie counts I had to compare to like items at other places with calorie counts. A fried chicken breast at KFC is 350, I've had many of those over the years, and the one I had tonight was comparable in size. A small mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC is 120. Since this gravy was a little thicker than KFC, and white instead of brown, I added 40 calories to make it 160. My meal total was 510, and after enjoying it real slow I was satisfied. And I still had plenty of calories remaining. I would have added a vegetable, but all they had was corn, and I had the calories for a serving, but I chose not to use it on corn. Instead I used it on a 130 calorie ice cream bar. I just imagine someone reading this blog for the first time. They probably think I'm crazy! I'm sure some would think “Fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy and an ice cream bar? And he expects to lose weight?” Yes I do, and I am, everyday. Again, it's all about the portion size. The old Sean would have scarfed down at least 3 big pieces of chicken and at least a double portion of potatoes and extra gravy. And the old Sean wouldn't have the single stick 130 calorie bar, it would have been Eskimo Pies or Klondike Bars, and I wouldn't have stopped at one. Do I feel deprived? Heavens no! I still have all the taste and food I love, just in smaller quantities. I'm learning how to appreciate my food and slow down long enough to realize I've had some. So can I lose weight eating “whatever I want?” Absolutely, I've logged 90 pounds of proof so far.

With our schedule today it was impossible to make a run for the YMCA. So even though it's late, we still have at least two miles to handle before turning in for the night. I really can't miss a workout if I expect to lose 10 pounds in the next two weeks. I'm summoning the inner drill sergeant in me to get my rear out there and do it tonight, because I have to tell you, I really feel like going to bed and it's cold out there! I could come up with a zillion valid excuses to not do it. But I need only one valid reason to convince me otherwise: 10 more pounds by 01/21/2009.

I had better get off here and out there before it gets super late. Have a fantastic Friday! Good night and...

Good Choices,

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