Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 122 High Reps and Low Weight Equals A Fat Burning Machine

Day 122

High Reps and Low Weight Equals A Fat Burning Machine

My appointment for the weight machine orientation was awesome. Those machines are not near as complicated as they look. Had I looked a little closer I would have noticed the instructions on each machine. They even tell you what muscles will benefit. I've decided to focus for now on upper body strength. I'll tell you why. My lower body is already well developed I'm pretty sure. It's carried around over 500 pounds for years. My upper body, well, it's kind of embarrassing how weak I am. You wouldn't believe it. My upper body needs some serious work on the weights. I have to admit, some of the lower body machines didn't look like I could fit anyway. The high reps and low weight is a combination recommended for burning fat and toning, and I need that for my upper body. As for the lower body machines, I'll get to that point, but right now, it's cardio and upper body weight training. After the orientation I climbed on board the treadmill, turned on my music, and cut loose for two miles. I was really feeling the workout, and that's a good thing.

I have discovered one thing today. I like my slimmer look as long as I'm standing up. If I'm sitting down, I still don't like what I see. All of the upper body machines face a mirrored wall at the YMCA, so as I'm working out I can see what I really don't want to see. I asked them if it was necessary to keep the mirrored wall and they just laughed. They said you need to be able to tell if you're using the proper form. Whatever! Standing up, just great....Sitting down, not so much. I guess I had no idea how big I looked at 505. We've discussed this before, we never look like what we think we look like, it's the law of self perception.

Tomorrow is Irene's birthday and I plan to either fix a really nice dinner or take her out somewhere nice. I haven't decided yet. I'm also getting her some kind of cake for desert. I'm sure I'll have plenty to blog about that tomorrow night.

I'm still stuck on yesterdays blog. It was really deep there for a while. A lot of truth and heart in those words. Tonight I'm in a bit of a hurry to get to bed, so I'm going to cut todays edition a little short. Oh, I can't forget to mention I had a Whopper for lunch. Not the Jr. kind...a big Whopper from Burger King. But of course I ordered it special. No mayo or ketchup. Mustard instead. I was convinced this would run 410, and since I only finished half my oatmeal this morning, I figured I had the calories coming. But I was wrong on the Whopper calories! I had it confused with a Quarter Pounder without cheese, that's 410. A mustard Whopper still weighs in at just over 500 calories. I did take off the ketchup, so I could safely call it 490, but still that was a little more than I bargained for. So I took off the top bun and subtracted 100 calories. For 390 I enjoyed my Whopper Roll Up! It was very good!

I love counting calories, can you tell? I'll write more in tomorrow's edition. Until then, thank you for reading! Good night and...

Good Luck,

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