Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 112 The Doctor Said; A Birthday For Amber; And Those Jeans Finally Fit...Again!

Day 112

The Doctor Said; A Birthday For Amber; and Those Jeans Finally Fit...Again!

After sleeping nine hours without my C-PAP mask (a machine used to treat Sleep Apnea) I awoke feeling completely rested and great. Irene said I was breathing normally and judging from the way I felt, I did just great without it! I'll still use it until a doctor says I don't have to, but wow---Now that's a real big change. At 505 pounds, I couldn't even think of trying to sleep without it on. I probably would have had a heart attack from the stress and lack of oxygen, but now at almost 100 pounds lighter, I can do it no problem! It feels phenomenal! I did it because my face is still swollen under my nose and above my lip. I really thought it would be better today, but it was worse! So I went to the doctor this afternoon. Since it was Sunday I had to see a doctor I wasn't familiar with, but he was good. By examining below my upper lip he determined that it was like a pimple under there. Gross, I know. Then he referred to the swelling as a “puss pocket”, even worse right? He prescribed a strong antibiotic and told me it should be totally gone within seven to ten days. Cool. I then asked his advice on my smoking habit. After asking a million questions about my weight loss and what exactly I was doing he told something I didn't expect. He said to keep losing weight and to not disrupt what I'm doing. He said to try to cut back, but he really believed that as I drop more weight and my level of exercise increases, the smoking will be eliminated naturally and easily. This is exactly what Dana said in her blog comment yesterday. The doctor even told me he smoked for 15 years before giving them up cold turkey just 7 years ago. So, it wasn't really permission to smoke, it was just “don't mess up what you're doing weight wise.” Getting the excess weight off is too important right this minute, and of course quitting smoking is seriously important too, but in the doctors words “one addiction at a time.” And I believe what he and Dana said to be exactly what will happen. I'll take off the next 100 pounds and all of a sudden I'll be so focused on weight training and getting in shape that the cigarettes will become an easy thing to throw in the trash.

I had planned on buying Amber's cake last night but they had that portion of the store blocked off and closed for floor maintenance or something. So I was shopping for Amber's birthday cake today, and when I had trouble finding her the kind she wanted, I came up with a brilliant plan! Cupcakes! These little cute things had a dollop of butter cream frosting on them, but once that too-sweet stuff was wiped off, it was a perfect little 100 calorie serving of white cake. They were small and tasty and just the right size for calorie conscious people like us. Our party was at Pizza Hut in Stillwater tonight. A place Amber picked because we had so many of her birthdays there in the past. They even have the same jukebox from when she was a little girl that would dance on the table to Achy Breaky Heart. And yes, she played it once for old times sake, but she didn't dance on the table. I made sure one of the four pizzas ordered was a thin crust and since I had 1,000 calories left going in, it was a breeze—even with a cupcake minus the frosting. It's so hard to believe she's 19 already. My little girl is 19! They grow up so fast don't they?

My doctors visit and prescription pick up went a little longer than I had hoped, preventing me from getting into the Y today during the narrow Sunday hours window they have. But I'm not down on myself at all because I feel great and the YMCA will be waiting on me tomorrow. Why do I feel so great? Well, today I decided to give those jeans I couldn't fit into a while back a try. Remember on Day 80, I described trying to get them on but I couldn't, not even laying down. Well I put them on today standing up without one tiny bit of trouble. That was 32 days ago. I really love this losing weight thing! It felt so good to wear those again. I mean really good! I'm wearing them tomorrow to work. These are the amazing results and positive consequences of everything I'm doing. So I couldn't be down on myself over anything, even if I tried! Irene said the “little” old jeans slim me. That's awesome. They're still size 50, but at 505 pounds I was wearing size 60 and 62's. So a drop of 10 to 12 pant sizes is a really big leap! Really soon, and I mean really soon, I'll be wearing 48's....You know how weird that will be for me? To have a waist size in the 40's? Wow...and in not too many months it'll be in the 30's! Have a great night-or day, and we'll talk again soon. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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