Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 124 An Unhealthy Relationship With Cereal---Can I Make It Work?

Day 124

An Unhealthy Relationship With Cereal--Can I Make It Work?

I have to say that my oatmeal in the mornings is getting really old. So today I switched it up with cold cereal. Understand that cold cereal and I have had a very bad relationship. There was a time when I would eat a couple of big bowls shortly before bed. I love Cheerios, so I haven't trusted myself with cereal until this morning. I didn't buy the name brand, I kind of wish I would've, but I saved a dollar. After my cereal today I think I have to put cereal in the same category as toilet paper and cotton swabs, as in things you shouldn't skimp on. A one cup serving is only 110, plus a half a cup of 2% milk made it 170 total. Only 40 calories more than my hot instant oatmeal. The cold cereal was still good, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't Cheerios quality. I tend to over do it on the cereal, but this time I brought a measuring cup along to keep myself in check. After a busy errand-running lunch hour, I decided to have another bowl for lunch...and since that was only 340 calories total for the day, I decided on another cup of cereal and a ¼ cup of milk. By the time I got home for the day I had only consumed cereal and milk...480 calories worth. I told you I over do it on that stuff. I love it, and as long as I keep it controlled, I guess I'll be alright, besides I usually have between 500 and 700 calories by the time I pull into the garage of an afternoon. And they are my calories to consume, I guess if I wanted to eat nothing but cereal all day I could, I wouldn't of course, but I could if I wanted. This was really a bold move on my part. You see, cereal has been right up there with ice cream as far as weight loss breakers. My family would always know if I had fallen off the wagon if I was eating a big bowl of ice cream or a big bowl of cereal. So naturally I've avoided certain foods that I haven't been able to control before. I don't buy half gallons of ice cream, shoot, I don't even buy pints or quarts of ice cream anymore. Could I? Sure I could, and I could dip out a measured portion, and count the calories, but I just don't trust myself around the stuff. I don't feel as strongly about cereal, but real close. I'm mean really, three bowls today? Good thing I'm keeping it at work and not here.

One of my favorite calorie conscious alternatives to bowls of ice cream has been individual frozen treats and soft serve cones. My favorite ice cream novelty has always been Eskimo Pies. I love ice cream bars, but until recently I couldn't find any that fit my criteria. I want full taste and low calories and I don't want to spend a bundle. During the past 124 days I've settled for Dream Bars for 70 calories, and I even bought some small ice cream “bullets” that checked in at 130. But last night I discovered something that made me very happy. Blue Bunny has reduced the calories in their 'Star Bars', I think they were either 160 or 170 before, a little pricey for me, but now they come in at 110! These are full size ice cream bars, not the “bullet” size. It's a bigger bar, and still 20 calories less than the “bullet” off brand variety. Plus they come 20 in a box. I love Blue Bunny! But seriously, it's little strategies like these that keep me on track without any feeling of deprivation.

The YMCA provided a great workout tonight. They told me to only do the weight machines every other day, not every day. So I stuck with cardio in the form of two miles on the treadmill and 20 minutes in the racquetball court! It had been a while since I really pushed myself in that court, and let me tell ya, it's a workout full of big burst, followed by catching my breath, followed by big burst of energy. I wasn't as sore this morning as I thought I would be after last nights weight training. I was sore last night, but this morning, when I really expected to feel it, I didn't really. It was strange. Once again our schedule has prevented a nap in the afternoon, so I probably will go to bed early on a Friday night. I'm really whipped! Can't wait to attempt that treadmill 5K this weekend, wish me luck! Until next time, good night and...

Good Choices,

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  1. Hi Sean-
    Congrats on your weight loss so far! I work at Blue Bunny's ad agency, Barkley, and wanted to let you know about the iScream Team program. You can sign up and get free coupons for Blue Bunny products. Might come in handy when grocery shopping. You can check it out here:

    Let me know what you think!
    Thanks, Jordan


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