Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 11th, 2015 The Perspective We Choose

June 11th, 2015 The Perspective We Choose

I experienced zero traces of the emotional/stress/food imbalance I dealt with yesterday. I woke feeling very well and empowered to have an exceptional day. I am blessed and very grateful.

Today was quite busy, and tomorrow and especially Saturday are set up to be just as active. I've relieved myself from the personal expectation of getting into the YMCA. I've accepted that my next workout at that awesome place will happen on Sunday.

Making this decision now, as opposed to setting up the expectation to somehow fit it in--then falling short of my self-imposed expectation and feeling horrible about it, I give myself permission to be okay.

I burned almost 400 calories today according to my FitBit activity calorie adjustment. That's almost as much as I burn with a good elliptical workout, so really--I'm completely happy with changing my exercise expectation over the next few days. It's truly all about the perspective we choose, isn't it?

I started early this morning on my radio show--then ended late this evening after my location broadcast from the big rodeo. It's the same schedule tomorrow. Saturday is full of location broadcasts from 9am until 8pm, with a couple hour break in between. It's truly one of the busy weeks for my job.

No complaints. It's fun and interesting, always. And yes, stressful sometimes. But again, fun-and I really enjoy what I do! Besides, I get to meet new people all the time--like Celebrity Chef Brian Duffy from TV's Bar Rescue.
 photo With20Mike20and20Chef20Brian20Duffy_zpsrhaqzetj.jpg
Pictured left to right: Mike Beezley-Seven Clans First Council Casino, Me and Chef Brian Duffy.

Chef Duffy was in the area for some consulting work, so Mike brought him by the show for a fun visit. We discussed several things, had a bunch of laughs--and then I asked him to evaluate the culinary specs of my breakfast. His conclusion: "This looks like the kind of breakfast I would eat." I'll take that as a positive review! He went on to share how he's lost almost 25 pounds recently and is continuing his efforts toward a healthier weight. We ended up having a nice, albeit quick conversation off-air about his weight loss efforts and what I do. His jaw dropped to the floor when I revealed how I was a former 500 pound man.

Those kind of reactions never get old to me...ever.

My food was wonderful today. I took extra special care and attention in planning and preparing. It's fun and actually relaxing for me to envision something new and then make it happen in the kitchen.

A good friend of mine processes deer for hunters. He generously gifted me a bunch of venison, including the filet mignon of deer meat. I have some of the best friends! The calories are not bad at all and it provides some added variety to my usual list of enjoyable foods.

The wild caught orange roughy filet tonight, was a rare treat. I hardly ever buy it at $5 per serving, but after I did the math I realized something interesting. My entire plate cost about $6.40, give or take a quarter. Then I compared that cost to the cost of my old drive through super-sized combo meals. I'm spending less to eat better. Again, it's all about the perspective we choose, isn't it? 

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  1. I would never feel bad for spending $ on good healthy food. You work hard you deserve it.

  2. Sean, I haven't been keeping up with my favorite blogs lately but I have to say you are looking great. My hubba hubba from several several months ago still applies haha!
    I had a struggle mentally with paying for real food after buying crap for so long. What does venison taste like? And do you want to share some of your friends with me? Lol have a great weekend!

    1. Alati, welcome back! I appreciate your "hubba hubba," thank you.
      I remember saying things like, "I can't afford to eat well/better." But the honest truth is, I'm pretty sure I spend less now...I really am certain. Back in my most out of control days, it was easy to spend 20-30 dollars in a day in drive through lanes. That's no joke!
      My old appeal of "I can't afford to eat better," was another attempt in finding a reason and a way to fail--and feel justified in it all.
      I do have some pretty cool friends!
      Venison--it's hard to describe... I can definitely taste the "wild." I like it, actually--especially what's called the backstrap--or filet mignon of deer. It's super lean, too!


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