Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26th, 2015 Was Cool

June 26th, 2015 Was Cool

Today was a challenge. But I'm proud to say I made it through. It was a full day that included a location broadcast at a big annual pre-July 4th holiday blood drive.

The All-American Fish Fry Blood Drive was a huge success today. I love fried catfish, and the calorie value is reasonable--so I made the decision to make it my lunch.

I skipped the french fries and baked beans. When I pleasantly declined the full plate--and asked for only fish, I was referred to as "picky" by the server, several times--who seemed slightly offended by my polite, yet firm insistence on eating only the fish. I no longer try to convince anyone or explain anything about why I choose the way I do. And I will not sacrifice what's best for me in order to make someone else comfortable.

The server meant nothing by her remarks--she was unfamiliar with me and what I do. The interesting thing was how others in the room did know about what I'm all about--and quickly came to my defense. That was cool. I brought my digital food scales for accuracy and that was also, very nice.

I finished the broadcast, dropped the station vehicle at a repair shop for needed service and hitched a ride with my oldest daughter Amber, back to my car. I stopped by my youngest daughter's house for a short visit with her and my grandson Noah, who immediately motioned for me to pick him up--then, as I was trying to leave--motioned again, so I picked him up again. He laid his head on my shoulder and hugged me--then a put him back down--and immediately he wanted back up, so we repeated the whole thing over again, twice more. He was very upset when I finally had to go. I love that little guy!

I made it to the store for a few things I needed in order to prepare dinner before my evening emcee duties at a big music and food festival. A very cool thing happened at the store. One of the employees, an older gentleman, approached me as I was making my way to the checkout...

"Wait, wait--your name is Sean, right? You used to weigh over 500 pounds."
"Yes, that's me!"
"I remember when you lost the weight. Then I remember you coming in and I could tell you had gained a significant amount back and I couldn't say anything to you about it, I wouldn't. And now, look at you, you've done it again! You look fantastic! Congratulations!"

The two of us shared a brief conversation after that initial start, about the differences making this time a different experience. I'll be honest, I was exhausted and just wanting to get home for a nap before the concluding events of my Friday--but the delight and pure happiness this familiar face, yet relative stranger was expressing for me was such a gift and worth every extra minute. He was genuinely relieved. It was an unexpected blessing.

One of my main goals today was to prepare and enjoy dinner before my emcee duties at the Down By Downtown Music and Food Festival. I didn't want to navigate the food truck choices and I didn't want to wait for dinner until 11pm. This goal and the resolve to accomplish it, put dinner time between five and six pm, which is very early for me.

I intentionally enjoyed water only at the event--and it helped me exceed my water goal! I didn't have an intentional workout today at the YMCA--because I knew it would be very busy and I would likely burn as many or more calories simply from my FitBit activity. I was right--over 500 calories burned today!

 photo A20Blocking-rehearsal20photo_zpsiectfc4w.jpg
Thursday night rehearsal/blocking photo of the play Dog Sees God. I play Van, a teenage version of Linus and Eddie Dixon (pictured) plays CB, a teenage version of Charlie Brown.

A bunch to love about today. I'm very grateful and blessed to be where I am.

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  1. I see I got the teenager tight that you are playing in Dog sees God. Happy you are able to satisfy this part of you.
    Thanks for the details of your grocery shopping trip plus how you handled the fish fry lady!

    1. You did get the teenager part right! It was a good day, for sure! Thank you, Nancy!

  2. I love your stick-to-itiveness! It's your life, your health and your choices. Gosh it sounds like you had another great day in your very active life. Enjoy Sean, enjoy.

    1. Thank you, LTR! It's very important to me. Very!!

  3. Hi Sean! I like that you were so nice to that man you ran into. I am thankful that my kids are kind and that's a good quality to have. Good job on the tweets and blog. I have had a bump in the road the last 6 month's and could always come here for some encouragement. I'm back on track. God Bless and have a nice weekend :) Patti M.

    1. Thank you, Patti! I'm so glad you're back on track!! I hope your weekend is awesome, too!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I thought it was a funny joke, Deb. You removed it!


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