Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2nd, 2015 Jumping Off The Merry Go Round

June 2nd, 2015 Jumping Off The Merry Go Round

I ran out of time tonight! I haven't published a Tweets only edition in a while because I don't like doing that, at all. But some nights, it's necessary. But before I elect that option...

I wanted to post a couple of things I've shared recently with the private support group I co-facilitate alongside Life Coach Gerri.

This from yesterday morning:

"I'm happy to be here, Monday morning--new week, new month--wedding done, daughter married---and we all survived and thrived! Through it all, I can confidently say I maintained the integrity of my food plan. That's super important to me. All of the stress, all of the hectic schedules, all of the crazy financials--all of it...kept in its proper stream. 

Running constant, in a separate stream: The fundamental elements of my recovery, bringing me an authentic peace and calm unlike the temporary facade excess food once provided. I'm looking forward to getting back into my regular routine!"

The parallel streams philosophy and practice is something I'm very passionate about!

One of our members, who is experiencing incredible success by the way, mentioned how frustrating it is to lose the same pounds, again. I've experienced that perspective many times before and I agree, it is. But it's necessary in order to get to where we need to go along this road.

Keep in mind, every pound I've lost in the last 14 months have been pounds I shed the first time around. It's okay, because my peace isn't found in the numbers on the scale. 

Truly, my peace is found in the fundamental elements I've embraced, and the benefits, side effects, if you will--include moving toward my healthiest weight.

The question isn't: Can I maintain the weight loss? 

The question is: Will I maintain the fundamental elements of my recovery?

If the answer is yes and I hold them sacred forever more, I have a great chance at not needing to lose the same weight over again.

If the answer is no, then I'm choosing the madness of the merry go round.

When I gave up sugar and re-committed myself to taking extraordinary care and devoting my energy to solid recovery principles, I was effectively jumping off the merry go round.

Today was another busy one. I made time to eat well and exercise--and even enjoyed a nap before tonight's group conference support call.

Tomorrow is weigh day, again! These three week stretches seem to go very fast. I'll make my way back into the doctors office mid-morning. I'll be reaching out to a support buddy on the way in and way out, looking for valuable perspective regardless of the number on the digital readout.

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  1. Well said Sean. That's exactly what I need to do. Concentrate on the fundamentals of recovery and not worry about the scale numbers or if I'm losing the same pounds over and over. Like you said, if you put your effort into the fundamentals then you get off the Merry Go Round. Just what I need to do. Thanks

    1. Yes, yes, YES--Michael. Jumping off the merry go round is such an amazingly positive thing to do. We both know--if we're doing the fundamental elements we know are important and vital to our success...we will achieve success...fast, slow--whatever, it will come.

  2. Sean, you might want to not visit my blog today....I'm in the middle of The Diet Fix book, and today's task is to reintroduce to moderate chocolate. I don't want you to read anything that could be a trigger for you. (or anyone else here.) If someone is interested in trying the concept of informed moderation, fine. (I find total abstinence just doesn't work for me.) Just thought I'd forewarn you. :)

    1. Nah--not a trigger for me. But thank you for the warning!!! I'm totally okay with the abstinence, 100% full acceptance.
      I know it's the right thing for me--it's absolutely proven it to me.
      And I totally get that it's not for everyone!
      The Diet Fix sounds interesting!

  3. Some random thoughts...

    1) I have that very plate that your steak and veggies are sitting on. :)
    2) Every time I come here, I am happy that I have done so.
    3) I keep thinking about treating my eating habits as addiction recovery. Maybe this is telling me something.

    Thanks again for a little inspiration today.


    1. Silas, I recently re-discovered that plate. I appreciate your words, here. Thank you.
      I'll tell you--holding the elements of my recovery with this level of reverence has absolutely changed my life for the better.
      I highly recommend!
      Thank you for the blog link!


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