Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 6th, 2015 It Would Have Worked

June 6th, 2015 It Would Have Worked

This was a busy Saturday. I was up early for two back to back location broadcasts, one at a car show, the other at a grocery store. The energy I have to move is wonderful. I remember handling similar schedules in my 500 pound days and honestly, I have no idea how I did it back then. Now, I feel light on my feet. There's no comparison to the chore of movement at my heaviest. I often share about the mental/emotional freedom of it all, and this, the physical freedom, is a big deal, too!

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This before/now side by side is dramatic. The "now" picture was snapped today at the grocery store broadcast. I'm wearing one of the pullover polo style shirts I mentioned in yesterday's post. I look at today's photo and my brain thinks, what, really?? The self-perception thing is tricky. It feels good and I feel very well mentally and emotionally--happy actually, and not because of my size, just generally happy.

A question arose in the comments of yesterday's post about the lunch time dilemma I found myself in when I failed to plan, prepare and pack some food to get me through midday Friday. I passed on the offer of hamburgers and hotdogs. The question was, why wouldn't a hamburger patty work in a pinch?

It would have worked. Had I been there an hour longer, I wouldn't have had a choice. The reason I opted to wait was purely a calorie value decision. The patties used were 4oz patties, heavily processed (high fat/fillers) and 340 calories each. This calorie count just wasn't workable in my mind. It wasn't even the heavily processed part that kept me from eating it, it was the calorie value. I get 1700 calories per day and I'm fairly particular about what gets me there.

My goal each day is to get the most out of my calories. This means making some decisions on the fly, like this one. Instead of one patty for 340, or two at 680--I made it until I got home and put together a big and filling--very satisfying plate of beef and bean tacos, baked with two kinds of cheese and topped with lettuce and a salsa/sour cream dressing. Two big tacos--full of protein, checked in at a low 443 calories, only 103 calories more than a single plain hamburger patty at the event.

What was the difference in the beef? The four ounces of 96% lean beef I used for the tacos had a calorie value of 140, a full 200 calories less.

I was very polite as I declined the offers for a hamburger at Friday's event. The last invitation came in front of the president of the company, who was helping organize the event. He heard the offer and my polite decline and then said, "I know why you said no."  He was very familiar with my weight loss. I smiled and said, "yeah, I'll be fine. I have some stuff waiting for me at home."

I made today a rest day from intentional exercise. I wasn't necessarily planning on it, but after the two broadcasts and a late afternoon nap, I felt it was needed. I also considered the two previous "rest" days were anything but restful, having burned double and even triple calories over my regular workouts.

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  1. I think you are very wise to choose your calories carefully!

  2. Amazing pics! You look so comfortable in your own skin and I love that!
    I can not wait to be there in my head! :)
    Have a great day!


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