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June 5th, 2015 The Pull-Over

June 5th, 2015 The Pull-Over

I'm usually better prepared. In my rush to leave the house this morning, I forgot to prepare and pack a good snack for my midday location broadcast. There wasn't time in between work at the studio and heading to this client's customer appreciation cookout from 11am to 2pm. The client was cooking for everyone--free food and plenty of it...Hamburgers and hotdogs, chips and soda, plus ice cold bottled water. My breakfast started wearing off about 11:30am and I knew, it was going to be a long 2.5 hours before I could get away and eat something else.

"Nobody has ever starved to death between meals," I kept repeating those words from Life Coach Gerri. But then again, maybe a hamburger with mustard would be a good option at this juncture. I really wanted to wait for a post broadcast lunch at home. My apartment is literally less than a mile away--so I waited. I texted Gerri about the situation and told her I forgot to plan, prepare and pack--I forgot the three P's!!! I coined the "3 P's" phrase and I forgot!! Hey, it happens, you know? 

By the time the broadcast was over, I was more than ready to eat something filling and delicious. I prepared some baked beef and bean tacos with two kinds of melted cheese, lettuce and salsa dressing (salsa mixed with light sour cream). I'm glad I waited. It was incredibly tasty and satisfying.

Once lunch was finished, I had just enough time to get a short nap before heading to my second broadcast of the day from 5pm to 8pm. Making it until a late dinner didn't seem to be a concern like the lunch situation. And maybe it helped that I wasn't surrounded this evening by the aroma of a giant grill.

About 7:30pm, after considering dinner options--and leaning toward a quick grocery run and cooking something at home, I suddenly scrapped that plan for a quicker restaurant stop for more tacos--this time shrimp tacos with sour cream and lettuce. Apparently this was taco day in my world. Had I known this earlier, I would have prepared breakfast tacos this morning!

I'm wearing polo style pullover shirts without all the self-conscious craziness I once carried. This is a big development for me. I don't need the t-shirt and over-shirt look anymore in order to feel confident. Even though it's apparently a fashion thing, considering the male mannequins at the store are doing the undershirt/over-shirt thing. I invented that trend, I'm pretty sure--in my late teens. 

The broadcast tonight was an annual broadcast--and many of the people I came in contact with, I hadn't since last year. The compliments came heavy. I practice saying thank you and that's all--except for the occasional tag of "I feel fantastic!"

The pull-over polo style shirts really show my weight loss better than any other clothing. To me--better than how it best shows the weight loss, is the fact that  I'm not wearing them along with enormous hang-ups. I'm just wearing them, because it feels good and right.

Today's busy schedule made it very easy to rely on my activity for a calorie burn. Fitbit has given me an activity burn of almost 600 calories. I'll take it and be happy!

This is one of the busiest weekends of the year in this area. My broadcasts tomorrow include a big car show broadcast starting at 8:30am followed by a location broadcast at a grocery store, pushing their massive meat sale. I'm getting to bed now!

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  1. Hmmm. First, I commend you on being able to stay within your food plan after waiting soooo long to eat. But...I'm puzzled as to why you couldn't have just had a couple of hamburger patties, without the bun, to eat, then you could have eaten a snack at home if you needed it to fill in. I mean it was lunch time, so you wouldn't have been eating out of impulse, and you had beef later...

    Rather than sitting here trying to figure that out, I'm asking---S'up with that? Your blood sugar must have been in the basement by the time you ate. Not good.

    Nice about the shirts. I remember how you struggled with that in the past.


    1. Deb, great question! It was purely a calorie value decision. I looked at the nutrition label of the burgers they were using. One 4oz patty was 340 calories. They were small, too and heavily processed with several ingredients I wasn't sure about.
      Had I been scheduled to be there much longer, my lack of preparation would have required me to have something--and I would have "invested" in one with mustard. Luckily, I was done at two pm--and really close to my apartment!
      Yes--feels good for that hangup to no longer govern how I dress.
      I agree with you--it was lunch time and I would have been completely within reason to eat there.
      I just knew if I waited, I could eat a much more filling and nutritious meal at home for a better overall calorie value.
      Thank you, Deb!

    2. Ohhhh. See, that's why one should ask and not assume. I would never have guessed that a "beef hamburger patty" would have anything other than beef in it. :o Your decision makes perfect sense, now.

      Thanks for being willing to explain.

    3. Absolutely, Deb! It was a great question! I always appreciate great questions! I sincerely appreciate your incredible support!! Truly!

  2. Replies
    1. It was a calorie value decision. One of the burger patties was 340 calories. My lunch was 443 calories and much more satisfying! :)
      If I had to be there another hour--I totally would have eaten a patty!

  3. Yes, I don't understand. A beef patty with a does that really vary from a taco with a tortilla?

    Other than that, kudos to hanging tough. And for enjoying the well-earned compliments. :)

    1. Gwen, great question.
      The burgers were 4oz heavily processed patties for 340 calories each. The 4oz of 96% lean beef I used for my tacos was 140 calories. If I would have been scheduled there any longer, I likely would have eaten a patty with mustard. I was caught without a "holdover" snack.
      The decision to wait to eat was based purely on calorie value Vs. how long I had to be there.
      My entire lunch at home was 443 calories and much more satisfying than one of those burgers--even if i would have added a bun.
      Thank you Gwen!! I did hang tough and it turned out to be worth it!
      The handling of the compliments thing-- uh, yeah-- very much a learned deal along this road. I've never been a good compliment catcher.

  4. I should say, tacos with tortillas. Plural. ;)


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