Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29th, 2015 That's What I'm Doing

June 29th, 2015 That's What I'm Doing

My original plan was to add a few hundred calories each day, to start. Going from 1,700 calories to 2,000 calories seemed reasonable. A trusted adviser (I'm incredibly blessed to have a few who have been along this road much longer than I) cautioned me to scale it back a touch and try it out for three weeks at 1,800. Increasing 100 calories at a time. That's what I'm doing. 

Conducting these three week calorie level "experiments," if you will, might be fun. I have the time. I have the rest of my life to find my maintenance groove. 

And honestly, I might lose more weight during these personal studies. And that's okay. If I gain weight, that's okay, too.

The things I shall not compromise: My abstinence from sugar. My commitment to daily tracking in MFP. My accountability live-tweet Twitter stream. My daily activity in regards to giving and receiving support. My commitment to working out on a regular basis. My commitment to daily posting on this blog. If I continuing holding all of those things in the highest regard--the top of my 'importance level,' the sacred level where things are non-negotiable, then I'm free to try new things with calorie levels, foods (that fall within my boundaries) and different exercise/fitness avenues.

You might not think 100 calories a day is a big enough increase. And honestly, I didn't either--and it might not be, we'll see.

Here's the deal: I do not argue with people who have over two decades of successful weight loss maintenance and recovery. I value their insights and experience and I'm completely blessed and fortunate when they share their wisdom with me.

Believe it or not, I do stop writing and speaking long enough to simply read, watch, listen and absorb the wisdom of others who have gone before me and who are still going remarkably strong.

I have a lot to learn. I've learned a bunch, yes. But still--the learning never stops along this road. And if I ever get smug and start believing there's nothing left to learn, that will be Day 1 of a tragic twist in trajectory.

Today was good and busy. I knew what I was getting into when I signed on for this play. It's half the time of a normal rehearsal schedule--so no complaints. I had rehearsal tonight after my support group conference call. The two events were right next to one another in my calendar. This required me to get creative.

I decided to get a dinner together and take it with me, dining in the parking lot of the theater, in my car and participating in the conference call from 6 to 7pm while sitting mere steps from the doors leading to rehearsal at 7pm. It worked out well! It took some planning, but I made it work tonight.

I did get a small (198) activity calorie adjustment from Fitbit today. I made today a rest day from intentional exercise.

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  1. When I reached my goal with Weight Watchers way back in 2003, they instructed me to do something like this. For either three or six weeks (I honestly can't remember) I was adding a few points here and there and seeing what would happen. As it turned out, I hardly changed anything and just continued to do what I had been doing.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this works for you. :)

    1. Caron, you're one of those long term maintainers I look up to! It feels good to know that my advised approach rang similar with yours! That's a very positive thing! Thank you!

  2. ".....Still going remarkably strong." I too respect those people (Geri Helms!) and aspire to join that exclusive club of longtime and lifetime maintainers!

    1. Me too, Dupster--me too! Whenever I've resisted some of the basic elements the long time maintainers share in common--it's always turned out to be something I go on to embrace and believe 100% in, later. It just took a while for me to come around and realize, what I was doing wasn't working--what they're doing is working...maybe I should watch, listen and learn...I try to remember this daily. I have faith we'll both get there, Dup!

  3. Most doctors recommend pregnant women add only an additional 300 calories per day for a healthy pregnancy-- so I think 100 calories is a good place to start.

    One thing I noticed about your list of "non compromise" core actions: you have very specific goals, including daily posting, tweeting, giving and receiving support, etc. Regarding exercise, however, you only committed to working out on a "regular basis," which seems a bit "floppy" when compared to your other, iron-clad goals. Do long term weight loss maintainers commit to more specific exercise?

    1. I agree, A. If I'm still losing consistently, then I'll bump it up again. It'll be fine!
      You're right--the exercise "language" is a little floppy, indeed. I could be afraid of committing to something and then not following through.
      I would really like to have a trainer work with me on the weight lifting. Haven't done that yet. I would really like to develop a regular routine that includes swimming. Haven't done that yet. I would really like to --and would benefit greatly be getting back to Yoga...I'd like to get a pair of running shoes made for my feet and learn how to run--like, really run.
      I suppose I'm not being specific because I don't know what direction to take--and I take the non-negotiable stuff very seriously---so I'm careful not to say something is non-negotiable if it isn't.
      Exercise must be a regular part of my life--and I see myself continuing to make it fun, whatever it is. That's always been what's helped me stay consistent in what I do for exercise-- the fun factor. Or--perhaps I'm full of excuses!!!
      No, really-- I'm willing to explore my exercise options--just not yet willing to nail down specifics aside from my iron-clad decision to make exercise a part of my life, for the rest of it.

  4. Sean, you have been such a great example and I think you can add a cookbook to your list of future writing with projects some of your pictures of simple, cooktop meals. Your cooking can encourage men who think they can't cook for themselves.
    I met my goal weight! I also use MyFitnessPal App. As it turned out maintaining my current consumption maintains my weight. At 130 pounds I only need 1200 calories. Obviously, to get the nutrition I need and keep the calories down, there is no room for refined sugar. I do take vitamin E and C supplements and a multivitamin with my lunch.
    We will keep on keeping it off. A big cheer for all of us here who keep the faith and never give up!!!
    Megan in Texas

    1. Megan, thank you--I'll take the cookbook suggestion as a very nice compliment!
      Congrats on GOAL weight!!!!!!!
      And more importantly--congrats on having your head in maintenance mode and continuing the elements of your groove!! Never give up, is right! Thank you, Megan. And wow--congrats again!

  5. It sounds like you have a winning plan to find your maintenance groove. I'm still trying to find the right calories to consume for weight loss. I'll keep trying until I get it right. Kudos to you for the great time management today.

    1. LTR, I will proceed with measured caution, for sure--I'll not declare victory--I'll promise you that! Victory will come each day as long as I'm taking extraordinary care of the fundamental rest of my life elements. If I do those-- and hold them sacred--I have the best chance.
      Thank you for the kudos! And Kudos to you for never giving up!

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