Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11th, 2016 Really Really Good

July 11th, 2016 Really Really Good

The last full day in New York City was an amazing one. Kristin enjoyed the Museum of Modern Art while I did my business--including an afternoon trip to CBS Radio New York!
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Broadway Bill Lee is legendary in broadcasting. He gave me an amazing behind the scenes-all access tour of their amazing facility. The experience, courtesy of Broadway Bill's generosity, was something I'll never forget.

I found the most fantastic farm to fork restaurant called Dig Inn, right across the street from the CBS studios. I sat there, enjoyed an incredible lunch (see tweet below) and just tried to completely absorb what just happened.

It's challenging really, in one way, because I know very well--and this isn't boastful, I'm just saying--as an on-air personality, I know I'm capable of this level--the major leagues. But I didn't take that path. And I didn't because I've spent the majority of my broadcasting career as a 500 pound man, and that--and all the insecurities it brought, severely limited my ability to dream, to stretch, to believe in even try. I never even tried to pursue larger markets.

I had these same type feelings after my appearance on The Today Show. I felt so at home--so at ease in front of those cameras. I felt at home again today, right there at CBS Radio New York.

How would my life, my family--how would everything be different, had I pursued bigger markets earlier in my career?

I let those thoughts sit and simmer while I enjoyed the wild caught salmon and roasted sweet potatoes. Twenty-seven years in radio and I feel like I've accomplished a fraction of my capabilities.

Then, it hit me.

Wait a second! What am I doing with these thoughts?

In a split second--I dismissed these downward thoughts and negative emotions and turned my focus in the direction of gratitude.

My goodness, how easy it is to fall into a negative perspective! It's also easy to shift the other direction, all things considered.

I left the restaurant feeling energized and inspired. I'm going back home and I'm ready to do the kind of work I know I'm capable of doing.

And please, don't get me wrong. My initial thought process wasn't lack of gratitude for where I am today--it was more about how I allowed my weight to severely limit my personal and professional growth.

If you're a regular reader, you know all about "Epiphany Day," right? That day was May 15th, 2014. On May 19th, 2014, I elaborated a touch more about the dynamics in play when identity and self-worth is measured by anything that naturally fluctuates. For me, it was the scale--and how much I weighed.

I put so much focus and energy into feeling horrible about myself all those years--and too little focus on the core elements of me---and when that happens, in my opinion--the natural talents and abilities we possess don't get watered, so to speak. And they survive, but they're limited--their growth is stunted.

Since Epiphany Day, I've accomplished a bunch. I not only successfully returned from relapse/regain, I resurrected my stand-up comedy and started booking speaking engagements again. I'm more in touch with my natural talents and abilities, today, than any other time in my life.

I'm no longer limited by how I think and feel about myself. Now, how I think and feel about myself actually encourages huge things.

So what do I do?

I do exactly what I do each day. And quietly, calmly and confidently, I continue pursuing personal and professional growth in the areas I'm most passionate-- broadcasting, writing, speaking, mentoring and making each day just as important as the previous in my pursuit of personal extraordinary care.

I'm incredibly blessed to be right where I am. I'm a lucky man. And tonight, as I lay my head on the pillow in NYC one last night, I'll say some prayers of gratitude--because, let me tell you--things could be tragically different in so many ways. And they're not. They're actually really really good.

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Kristin and me at the Empire State Building tonight. This is our last night in this incredible city. The top of the Empire State Building was lit up red, white and blue!

Today, I maintained the integrity of my maintenance mode calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar, I exceeded my daily water goal, I participated in support exchanges and according to the activity tracker on my phone, I burned more than a thousand calories. I promised myself I would take the stairs all the way up here to the 9th floor at least once during my stay--and I did it, today--twice. 

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  1. This was a fantastic post. It was very, very NYC! But it was also pure you... You didn't get lost in the buzz and the heights... nor did you stumble there. You just had a great time, and shared it, and your insights, with us! Thank you, and have a safe trip home, bringing back precious memories & some new inspiration.

  2. What an amazing day!! Whenever you're feeling like you could have done more remember how many poor souls will never accomplish even a fraction of what you've done! You're a Rockstar!

  3. You are proof positive that there are no excuses to let down your guard on the things that matter most. Being true to the integrity of your commitment, gives you freedom to truly live...EVEN on vacation!! Wonderful post!!

  4. I was just thinking (before reading the blog) how "at home" you looked in the radio studio in the Big Apple. I see big things in your future Sean. I lost my weight too late to change the trajectory of my life, but I know my weight held me back in the job I did hold, and kept me from pursuing my dream of teaching, which is what I had my degree in. So now I am just determined to do all the FUN things I didn't do all those years because of my weight, since the 'WORK things' ship has sailed.

  5. I really enjoyed your posting of blogs in New York immensely. Your looking incredible and have no doubt you will be working at a place like the CBS studios New York one day. And not too distant future!!

    Your blogs the past few days has affected me very positively sharing the same understanding how weight loss positively effects your ability in the work place. It was awesome to see you enjoying a vacation while realizing the sky is the limit. This excitement propelled me from weight maintenance mode back to weight loss mode realizing my October Vegas Vacation is coming up soon and getting all those amazing weight loss compliments again.

    Awesome post!

  6. Sean, if I may offer a perspective: if you had gone to a big market, that's all you'd be doing. And if that was what you wanted, that's fine. But it seems like you are offering and doing so much more that fulfills you where you are now. I don't offer that as a resistance to change, just as a perspective because it has some bearing on my own.

    Naturally, you came back to what matters most, gratitude for what you had created and are able to share. I know this blog likely wouldn't have the energy and inspiration you create if you had chosen another path. So for that, I am grateful. Keep up the great work!


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