Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July 13th, 2016 Made Up For It Today

July 13th, 2016 Made Up For It Today

Today was the last day of my scheduled vacation time. I slept in as you might expect, very well. This late slumber tilted my food day, somewhat, but I knew it would--and fully expect a tough transition from vacation mode to work mode come tomorrow morning when the 4am alarm sounds. And the transition will be a little more difficult after tonight's on-air weather coverage activation.

I was actually on a phone meeting and about to sit down for dinner--my plate was made and waiting when the weather coverage activation happened. I continued my meeting while I packed the plate in a bag, with utensils--and headed for the studio. The storm was a slow moving summer storm--the kind that slowly drifts its way around, dumping a bunch of rain, hail and intense lightning. At one point it slowed to 10 mph. I'm rather fortunate I wasn't working longer. It could have turned into an all night deal. Luckily it didn't. The storm has cleared our immediate area and I'm done with live coverage.

I absolutely loved the trip to New York. I did miss some things while I was away. I missed my apples. I love apple slices. I eat a lot of apples. I didn't eat a single one while away. I made sure to get my avocado fix while away. One of the biggest things I do daily, and I missed doing it very much, was preparing my meals. I made up for it today!

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance mode calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar, I exceeded my daily water goal and I participated in support interactions.

The vacation days are over. I suppose they officially ended at 8:16pm when tonight's first weather warning was issued.

It's back to my radio show in the morning. I'm looking forward to it, actually. I missed that, too.

Oh--and tomorrow is a special Thursday weigh day at the doctor's office! I'm overdue for my monthly weigh-in! 

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  1. So sorry your new mug got broken. I wonder if you could glue it back together, line it with something waterproof, and use it as a planter? It's a nice remembrance of your trip to NYC, and I'd hate to think you would have to throw it out. Plus it reminds me of the t-shirt I bought when I was there in 2012. It has the same message. Now that I've lost most of my regain, I could wear it again I bet!!

  2. Awwww, too bad about your cup (I'm from NY.... no where near the city but very rural northern NY...) but I still <3 NY. I really like how simple your meals are and the integrity of following your plan. I NEED a plan. and I NEED to make it a priority. YOU are awesome!!! Peggy

  3. So sorry about your cup breaking in traveling. Can relate how good it is to have your own cooked food. One time I bought a hot plate, fry pan, kettle and between that and the microwave I made our food for 2 last days of the trip. LOL


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