Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18th, 2016 Tight Support

July 18th, 2016 Tight Support

I stayed in tight support today. Every single thing I did today was done in an effort to take the best possible care of me. I've felt that incredibly unstable of late.

I accomplished good work at the studio. I took a normal lunch hour at home (I almost never do this). I was able to leave work on time. I headed directly for the gym instead of home and I had a great workout. I really needed that workout today. Was I tired? Yes. I was tired. I couldn't go to sleep last night for the tossing and turning. Have you been there? Where you can't turn it off? 

I was able to get an hour nap this afternoon, plan a great dinner and was ready for tonight's exclusive support group conference call I co-facilitate with Life Coach Gerri Helms and Life Coach Kathleen.

I took exceptional care today. I don't want to relapse. I don't want to regain. I don't live in fear of it--but I live with the full knowledge that it's always possible--IF I don't take care of me.

I'm not some super-human weight losing and maintaining machine. I'm human. I'm fallible. I do what I do each day because I'm not super strong. And guess what??? We don't have to be super strong. The fundamental elements I make important each day are the rails I hold with a firm grip.

And when I start letting things slip and I start living in any way outside my authentic self, that's when I'm not taking exceptional care. As I wrote last night--it hasn't affected my food...yet, but it would--eventually, if I don't get straight. I'm taking care of me. I'm getting straight.

If you're interested in joining the exclusive support groups you read about here or on Kathleen's blog, I've provided the informational poster and links for registration below! These groups are powerful. I encourage you to give it a try and discover what strong accountability and support can do for your weight loss efforts. The next sessions start August 8th and 9th!
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The Next Session starts August 8th and 9th! If you have any questions about the groups you can email me: or Kathy:

Sign-Up Links:

Primary (regular) Monday Group (6pm Central/7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific)

Primary (regular) Tuesday group (7pm Central/8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific)

Premium (new) Monday night (7pm Central/8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific-*Includes individual specific one on one time slots within that hour)

Today, I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I stayed connected in much needed support. I exceeded my daily water goal. And I had an amazing workout this afternoon.

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  1. I always skip looking at your food tweets, but loved what I read today Sean, about looking at your whole life, and not just the food. Kudos, my friend!

  2. In a future post, can you describe in more detail how/why you felt you were heading to go off the rails? I think this would be useful for those of us who relate so well to your story. Thanks.


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