Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 6th, 2016 And I Will

July 6th, 2016 And I Will

My grandson turned three today. We celebrated his birthday yesterday at my oldest daughter's house across town. We all gathered around and watched as he excitedly ripped through the gift wrapping. He wanted to play with everything all at once! He had me toss a ball several times, so he could hit it with his new bat. That was a tiny taste of what I dream of doing with him someday. And right there is one of countless reasons why I do what I do. I'm going to be a very active grandpa for that little guy!

Mom and I talked on the way home about Noah's pure joy. He's fascinated over most everything.

We were also celebrating mom's birthday yesterday. Mom's isn't until Saturday. Missing her birthday will be the first time I can remember not being with her on that special day.

I'm off for the next seven days straight! Today was spent getting ready to leave. Really, the last several days was spent in preparation for this trip back to New York City.

This isn't a Today Show trip. I do have one meeting that developed because of that appearance, but aside from that, I'm embracing this as a vacation. I'm with my girlfriend, Kristin, on this trip. She has a professional conference to attend while we're there.

I can't express how much I really needed this break. I really really did. It all fell into place rather nicely. I'm very blessed and grateful!

This trip will be a good challenge for me in many ways. The previous NYC trip was 36 hours. This time, I'm in for six days! I have a digital food scale. I have my commitments and daily disciplines. I have my resolve to maintain the integrity of my plan. And I will.

I must drop in bed. Our flight leaves in six hours.

I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I was active in support interactions and I exceeded my daily water goal. Crazy busy day. Really good day, too.

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  1. Hi Sean! Have fun in NYC. I was just there visiting my daughter. Lennys are deli type places all over that have a lot of good options and the price is reasonable. I hope you get to rest and recharge. Patti M


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