Friday, July 22, 2016

July 22nd, 2016 More On That In A Minute

July 22nd, 2016 More On That In A Minute

Every single day presents an opportunity for me to learn. And maybe it's something I've already learned, didn't do for whatever reason--and then it becomes an opportunity for a refresher of sorts. I experienced one of those things this evening. But more on that in a minute.

Today was very busy--highly involved, my morning show this morning--followed by production, a lengthy interview with 2004 World Series of Poker Champion Greg Raymer and a noon to 2pm location broadcast. I opted for an afternoon nap before getting ready for a big concert. I was scheduled to emcee, make announcements and introduce the band--then I stuck around for the first two songs before getting out of there and heading to the store to pick up items for a late dinner. I was super hungry by this time. And that's where the refresher lesson comes in...but more on that in a minute.

I've been invited to play in a poker tournament with Greg Raymer tomorrow afternoon--THE Greg Raymer--the pro--Fossilman...That guy!!! And I've jumped on it. I haven't played in a tournament for a very long time. If you're a regular reader of this blog, perhaps you remember when I was invited to play in a tournament for charity a couple years ago--and even though it was for charity, I discovered the highs and lows of the game affected my stability with everything. It was as if the addictive side of my brain--you know, the side affected so dramatically by refined sugar, was tickled in the process. I made it through that experience--but not without learning some valuable information about me. I'm not turning down a chance to play poker with Greg Raymer, so I'll remain with a high awareness level and I always carry support in my pocket via text or call, 24/7. I will also have a great meal for breakfast--and plan my food well for the rest of the day. I'm confident I'll be fine and my plan will be well cared for--I can't say I'm as confident about my game against one of the worlds best, but hey--we'll see!

Okay--the refresher... I didn't plan my food very well. For some reason--about 8 O'Clock, right as I was about to walk onto the stage, I noticed how incredibly hungry I was becoming. I never get too hungry. I eat well and I usually space it out well. Not today, apparently. The jump between my late lunch and dinner time was a little much, I suppose. Right before going on to do announcements and the welcome stuff, I was shown the hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken strips area--and was asked to include an announcement about the availability of these items during the concert...for just five bucks! I didn't want any of those things, but I wanted something--quickly.

I left the venue and my brain started scrambling for a solution. I was too hungry. I was the "H" in the acronym HALT (don't get too Hungry-Angry-Lonely-or Tired--and if you do, get support quickly). I'll tell you what old Sean would have done: I would've found a drive through, immediately. But dang it, I deserve better.

I called Gerri Helms in a similar situation one time and she said something that stuck with me: "Nobody has ever starved to death between meals." I remembered that tonight. I also composed and sent text messages to three support contacts--and all responded with very supportive perspective--and suddenly, I felt strong again.

I marched into the grocery store determined to get the ingredients for the best meal. I did, too! Stuffed mushrooms, sirloin and fresh cut and baked sweet potato fries...oh yeah, a meal I absolutely adore! I made it home and started preparing everything even before changing clothes. I didn't change clothes until everything was on and cooking. It was a late dinner.

The refresher was all about the need for good planning. A good snack around 6pm would have prevented that mini-crisis. It was also a refresher about how when real physical hunger kicks in--my brain is still and always will be capable of offering up less than good ideas.

And it was a refresher on the importance and power of good support. The support exchanges I experienced this evening completely took me out of the danger zone and into a nice determined groove to get what I needed, get home and cook--and enjoy an amazing dinner.

I felt so good after dinner, I decided to get one of my Friday late night workouts. I don't know why, but occasional late Friday night workouts have become a thing for me. It might not be the best thing for me, but a thing just the same.

Today, I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I exceeded my daily water goal. I was very active in support exchanges. And, I finished a nice workout.

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  1. "Nobody has ever starved to death between meals." Great advice from your friend Gerri. Glad you maneuvered through a difficult evening. I saw your water bottle and said, "Uhoh, Okie State!" I remember the days when my Nebraska Cornhuskers played OSU yearly when Nebraska was in the Big 12. Good Old Days! OSU always played well, but as I recall my Huskers usually prevailed. Those were definitely the good old days, however, as more recently, the Huskers have been struggling. Oh well, I will forever be a fan and I too LOVE College Football. GO BIG RED!!!


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