Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 3rd, 2016 Kept Getting Better

July 3rd, 2016 Kept Getting Better

Mom and I had a wonderful day. I really enjoyed preparing her a great brunch. She enjoyed it, too!

I was very excited about taking mom to a big concert. I introduced John Conlee on behalf of the venue, representing KPNC. It was a special thing because Conlee's music is part of the soundtrack of my childhood. Mom and I listened to the radio all the time--and John Conlee was one of our favorites.

We had an opportunity to go back in the green room for a meet and greet before the show, then mom took her seat while I stood backstage, waiting to introduce the show. John leaned over to me right before I went on stage and asked, "what's your mom's name, again?" It's Beverly! He didn't say why he wanted to know--but we found out later.

He dedicated the song, Rose Colored Glasses to her but she didn't hear him well. I leaned over, "Mom, did you hear that? He just said your name!" She didn't understand what he said over the intro to the song...but when he finished the song, he singled her out--asking her to come up to the stage, then, with the spotlight on mom, he proceeded to give her his rose colored glasses! She handled it so very well! I was so happy for her in that moment.

My cousin Doug was at the big party last night--and he was at tonight's concert! Doug joined us for dinner afterward and so did my girlfriend, Kristin. It was a fabulous evening that just kept getting better!!

Some pictures from tonight:
 photo IMG_8573_zpsv7irlsie.jpg
 photo IMG_8570_zpszlde0qde.jpg
 photo IMG_8609_zpsgndfxonv.jpg
 photo 13557914_10209733828443873_4251587481796447530_n_zpsltcxo88d.jpg

What I planned on writing about will wait until tomorrow. I've got to drop in bed. I'm super tired!

I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar--and, I exceeded my water goal.

I'll aim for another good day, tomorrow.

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