Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 17th, 2016 All Is Not Well

July 17th, 2016 All Is Not Well

It's been busy few days. I've spent some valuable time with my grandson. I've had a chance to catch up with both of my daughters, I went out on a date with Kristin to see the new Ghostbusters (it was fabulous!!) and I spent some quality time over dinner and conversation with mom this evening.
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Noah loves to fly and turning grandpa into a ridable horse is always fun, too!

It all looks fantastic, doesn't it? If you follow the accountability Twitter feed at the bottom of each blog, it certainly might give the impression all is well. 

But it's not. All is not well. And I know it. And close friends in support, know it.

I haven't been taking extraordinary care of me. Sure, I'm maintaining the integrity of my calorie budget--yes, I'm remaining abstinent from refined sugar--but still...

I feel myself slipping.

When I started suddenly not being able to make the time to workout, that was the first clue. When I constantly make my sleep schedule unimportant--and I try my darndest to burn the candle at both ends--never really accomplishing what I'd hoped, because I'm always too tired---Yep, another clue...Then, then...the high rate of Tweets Only postings of late, yep, not making the time to write this blog--the blog that has given me so much over the years---Yes, it's another big clue that I'm off center. Yep...I'm on tilt. And I know it.

And IF I don't make some corrections, I WILL RELAPSE.

Awareness is critically important. I am not over-confident. I'm not invincible. I'm at risk of relapse/regain, period. And that's serious business to me.

I'm past my bedtime right now. I better drop.

Rest assured, I'm heeding warning signs--and I'm taking this instability very seriously. No, it hasn't affected my food yet--but that's coming next. It's dramatically affected my exercise, my sleep and my writing schedule.

The unraveling always happens first in the least secure areas. But the most secure areas--the ones where I've built the tightest security and accountability around--those too can fall, just the same as the other elements.

Today, I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar, I experienced some fantastic support exchanges and I met my daily water goal.

I will continue to explore ways to strengthen my plan, instead of doing things that leave it weakened and exceptionally vulnerable.

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  1. You'll snap back into place. You got this!


  2. Hey Sean. I can totally relate to letting things slip. That’s why my homework assignment from the support call last week was to be Vigilant! I know you will figure things out, and find a system that works for YOU.

    About exercise: Don’t know if you are interested in an exercise you can do at home or not. Not a huge time commitment; fast and effective; a proven track record. It’s a mini trampoline.

    I have a mini-trampoline, (a rebounder), and it’s one of the reasons I’m working to get leg strength back. To use it daily again. The benefits are amazing. As in, becoming super healthy and a fat-burning machine! :-)

    Anyway, if you are interested at all, here is one article from Shawn Stevenson that explains why it is so effective for strength and health.

    And since you are already at maintenance, maybe you’d rather just read about the many health and strength benefits:

    And no, I’m not selling mini trampolines. I just love them. It’s actually a fun exercise to do! :-D

  3. You can do it! Just get that white-hot focus of yours back where it should be. And your food is still on point, which is excellent.

  4. Sean, I know you enjoy writing so why don't you make a daily schedule and go from there? We all have 24 hours in a day- that's a fact. How many hours daily do you spend working at your job for pay? How many hours do you spend writing or facilitating your support group? How many hours are devoted to actual meals, including shopping and food prep? I have noticed you tend to just shop for the day- maybe you could shop every few days or even weekly? Would that be too tempting for you? How much time do you devote to daily exercise? How much sleep do you want to get daily? I'm an early bird and like 7-8 hours but it's rare I am not up by 5 AM so that means an early bedtime. Do you watch television, read for pleasure, have any hobbies like gardening, swimming, golf, biking, etc? I don't believe you are slipping at all- just maybe need to prioritize a few things and enjoy life. I think it's great you have a girlfriend- how about taking up dancing or exercising together? I enjoyed reading about your trip to NYC- maybe plan some other trips. London? SF? Chicago? Paris? NO? One of the National parks where you could do some hiking? Have some fun! If you start gaining weight, you certainly know what to do.

  5. Praying for you Sean
    You got this .. Acknowledgement is a great sign
    You know where I am if needed

  6. The important thing is that you realize things are beginning to slide! You're also right that now is the time to get things back together before you slip any further. You've got this Sean.

  7. Good thing you have a life coach!

  8. Owning it is the first step and being accountable is next. You've done both and I have no doubt you will make the necessary changes before change chooses you. Keeping you in my prayers.

  9. Seems there are many ways to get your daily exercise in - such as having Noah using your body as an airplane and a horse! Walking all over NYC etc. You ARE on spot with your food AND water! Time Management regarding what/how much you are doing "for others" ~ which let's face it, take energy. Severe evaluation much be the answer to getting more sleep. Just a few thoughts.

  10. Dr. Michael Greger does interviews for youtube on video while walking on his incline treadmill. You can do support calls while you exercise as a time saver and a good example to your support group. ...LEE

  11. Sean, I wish I had a magic answer for you but I don't. You're much younger than me (I'm almost 65) so I can tell you from my experience over the years that as we age (and I'm not trying to say you're old by any means) our bodies begin a gradual slow down process. We're not young and then old in a day's time. Perhaps, you're trying to fit too much in. Meditate a little on the truly important things in your life. Make a list in order of importance and then try to eliminate the things that can be done without or maybe done less often. I don't have to lecture you on the importance of your health. You know that better than I do. Your health is all aspects of your life so take a deep breath and smell the roses. Good Luck!


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