Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February 22nd, 2017 Tweets Return

February 22nd, 2017 Tweets Return

If you're interested in joining our exclusive weight loss support group, the time is now! The 8-week session starts Monday and Tuesday. The group includes a weekly conference call, a "secret" Facebook page exclusively for members and a number exchange for direct support connections via text/call. Adding solid sources of accountability and support can dramatically affect your consistency along this road. You don't have to travel alone! Join us! Please email me for more information.

Today was a really good day. I was able to get more rest last night--and the difference was big. I'm not sure how many times it takes for me to experience the crystal clear difference in order to cement my commitment. I'm learning. One thing I'm learning is how it requires a shift in focus and perspective. I can't focus on the bedtime. Focusing on a time but not changing the actions to ones in harmony with the goal, doesn't work. If I focus on managing the day well, the bedtime takes care of itself. Same thing for weight loss and maintenance. I can't simply focus on a number. If I focus on a number but I continue the same actions contrary to my goals and desires, it doesn't work. If I focus on taking extraordinary care each day, the number takes care of itself.

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained refined sugar-free. I exceeded my daily water goal by 56oz!! I stayed well connected with close support contacts. And I enjoyed a fabulous workout at the YMCA. I'll aim for another day like today, tomorrow.

I received a wonderful message from Suzanna today. She writes: I miss the tweets on your blog! I don't do twitter, so unless you highlight one like the onion rings a few days ago (I must try these!), I don't see them anymore. You mentioned the tweets on your blog sidebar, but I don't see those when I read from my phone's browser. Please bring back the tweets. Your calorie budget is 800 bigger than mine but I still got a lot of great ideas from seeing what you were eating. It also, as you've suggested many times, told a narrative of the day. The consistency of your weighing, measuring and just all of it--restaurant visits too, inspired me. Even though I can't stand sweet potatoes, catfish, and a few other things you seem to include quite often, it still helps me somehow. Thank you, Suzanna-faithful reader in Maine.

Suzanna, thank you so much for this wonderful message. After careful consideration, I'm adding them back to the end of the blog. I certainly can't please everyone, but I must say--I have missed the Tweets on each day's post--because it did help "tell the tale" of the day. It's just important to remember: These tweets are simply an accountability tool for me. They're not a food plan, or a recommendation, not an endorsement of any particular product or anything other than a way for me to be accountable. It's been a very powerful tool. It's reflective of what I enjoy eating. It's reflective of where I am along this road--in maintenance mode. I'm two months shy of three years straight. I'm proud of the streak. But I'm open to someday phasing out the tweets. I do not ever plan on phasing out the MyFitnessPal logging, the planning, the weighing and measuring food--the abstinence from refined sugar and everything else I do each day... But some day, I may stop the twitter feed in its current form. Until then--I like the idea of bringing them back. Thanks for reading, Suzanna!

Today's Accountability Tweets:

Thank you for reading and your continued support,


  1. Just so Suzanne knows, if you scroll down to the bottom of a post on your phone, usually above the "home" button there will be a place to click to view the web version. Then the whole page, including the sidebar, should show.

  2. I, like Suzanna, appreciate you bringing back the tweets. I gained inspiration seeing your meals. So thank you!


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