Saturday, February 4, 2017

February 4th, 2017 Never Tried

February 4th, 2017 Never Tried

I did a location broadcast from a grocery store's "massive meat sale" today--and it was a big success. Top sirloin for $3.58 a pound made its way into my cart. I'm a bargain hunter at the grocery store. I used some of the top sirloin for kabobs tonight and if my math is right, the entire meal cost, produce and everything, was right at about $2.25. If you follow my Twitter, you know I've enjoyed avocado a lot lately--at 39 and 44 cents each, it's just too good of a deal to pass up. And I love avocado!

I can remember saying "I can't afford to eat well," and after making it a priority in my life, I realize it was complete nonsense. I suppose when you're spending upwards of $10 to sometimes $20 a day on fast food (like I did at one time) any justification works. How would I have known anyway?? I never tried to eat well in my 500 pound days. All I know is, today, I rarely prepare a meal that exceeds three or four bucks--and it's most usually less than three. I'll occasionally splurge on something really special--but even then, it cost less than my old favorite combo meal in the drive-through.

Family came up from Stillwater to visit with mom today. We all gathered for a visit and meal out at mom's favorite place to eat around here. My food schedule today didn't mesh with the time well--so I enjoyed something small as a holdover until dinner at home--and I simply enjoyed the visit. Mom has transitioned from skilled to long term care, so now she can come and go as she pleases. That's exciting for her!

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained refined sugar-free. I exceeded my daily water goal. And I maintained excellent support communications.

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  1. OOOOh!!! Excellent price on Top sirloin. Slightly jelly, Sean. LOL.

    One of the best things I did for myself was to eat red meat more often, weighed out only, in long term maintenance. The protein, amino acids and health benefits are key for me, based on my genetics.

    I used to be iron deficient, but not now. Glad you are taking advantage of good prices. I use my InstantPot a lot and have a Grass-Fed chuck roast thawing in my refrige right now.

    I'll get loads of meals for that one roast. Home cooking is the best for budgets and weight maintenance and health- IMO.

    Got the roast for $6.49 a pound. Bargain in So. Cal- more like $7-11/per pound in many places.

    Home cooking is a required skill and habit for weight maintenance. Bravo

  2. Happy to hear Mom is now in long term care. Did you move her furniture from her house or does the place have a furnished area for this care? Happy to hear also that she had family from Stillwater visiting. Having family around and caring does more for us than we know. You are so consistent with your program Sean - I applaud you loudly!!!!


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