Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 16th, 2017 Would We Choose It?

February 16th, 2017 Would We Choose It?

I wrote this four years ago, in the middle of a monumental relapse/regain:

A good friend and adviser inspired me the other day. I haven’t been able to forget the discussion we shared…What came of it, was this: 

If our success was guaranteed, would we choose it? If our success in whatever form it might be, was contained in a small box labeled “success” and beside it was another box labeled “struggle,” containing everything else contrary to our success…Which would we choose? Now, let’s separate the two boxes. Let’s put the box labeled “success” a thousand miles away. It still exists but requires effort to get there. Mostly, it requires faith in its existence; faith in oneself. Do we believe it exists even though the “success” box is no longer directly in front of us? If we do, then why would we continue choosing the other box? It’s a question of faith. Our box of “success” is real and our choices determine the path toward or away from the good it contains. We must believe it; we must have faith.

#TBT Throwback Thursday Pictures

First, from the top of that regain--back near 400 pounds...

And in maintenance mode after the return from relapse/regain...

"Before" and "Now" pictures can't tell the whole story. I will say this: At the top of that regain period, I was almost convinced I'd never be able to find that "place" again. It was frightening. The box labeled "success" seemed a thousand miles away. The box labeled "struggle" was right at my fingertips each and every day. The elements needed for struggle came easy. The elements needed for success took a slow and steady, consistent effort--one day at a time, one choice at a time--and with every day behind me, I found myself closer to where I wanted. At least, physically. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually--that's all a continually developing practice of the most important elements.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, no matter where you find yourself--or how far away it seems, don't give up. You're unlocking your personal combination and it takes time. Please have faith. You're worth it! 

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained refined sugar-free. I exceeded my daily water goal by a whopping 40oz! I stayed well connected with great support. And I enjoyed a wonderful workout tonight at my local YMCA.

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  1. That box exercise is a great one. I wish I'd had it when I was counseling full-time...I'm betting I'll find ways to use it even now.

    AS I read about the boxes, I paused to "look" at them and was surprised by my reaction. (Which is why I know it's a good exercise.) My initial thought was that I would certainly grab the success box, but as I paused, I felt myself tense and lean away from the box just a bit. And the thought/feeling was, "What will success require of me? Am I up to success?"

    Isn't that weird? I was so surprised by that moment of felt caution before agreeing to success. And that's how it felt...agreeing to success. Like it was a decision that had to be considered rather than leaped into, one filled with pros and cons.

    I'll be thinking about that hesitation all day today, I bet.

    Thanks for this.


  2. What a great post Sean. What struck me most was your comment about finding your own personal combination for success. As I sit here with a fierce west coast storm approaching, I reflect over my own personal storms over the years regarding weight loss, and how It's taken me many years to weather them by finding my own unique way: Eating more calories than many experts would allow for weight loss (but this ensures me a slow, steady loss with minimal deprivation), counting them obsessively every day (but a healthy obsession), and moving my body. I've finally found my own combination that works for me, and I wish that for find that piece of mind. Oh, I do count calories by using an older Weight Watchers point system that makes counting easier for me, along with the actual Weight Watchers diet structure. It took me years to get here. May it be quicker for others! If we can't do it for life, it's not OUR personal fit. Thanks again for your blog. Sheryl


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