Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 11th, 2015 This Is What's Next

November 11th, 2015 This Is What's Next

In honor of Veterans Day, I'm sharing some pictures of very special veterans in my life. To all who served, thank you. My dad and both grandpas were soldiers.
 photo grandpa.jpg
My grandpa in World War 2

 photo 012707001.jpg
My Dad in Vietnam

 photo SANY0194.jpg
With grandpa Haynes, World War 2 veteran

Today was my bi-weekly weigh-in day at the doctor's office:
 photo 214.020weigh20day_zps4drq82rt.jpg
This represents a .8 pound gain. I'm counting this as normal fluctuation. The last three weigh-ins:
 photo 214.020and20last20two_zpsltiicbhc.jpg
I feel like I'm hitting a sweet spot and that feels nice. Of course, as I change up my fitness routine, the dynamics will change, so I'll continue monitoring every two weeks, looking for trends in either direction.

I had my first official weight training session today. It was a total body workout! I'm so glad I kept my commitment at the gym tonight. The trainer knew of my concerns, hangups and special needs (right arm being considerably weaker) and she put together a plan I could do, anytime. I'm super excited about this development. This is what's next!

I've taken the day off from my radio show tomorrow (Thursday). I have a speaking engagement for a large group of high school students early tomorrow afternoon. I'll enjoy a little more sleep in the morning and I'll be well rested for this one! I'm truly honored to be invited! Can't wait!

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  1. Nice WI... You've got it! Nicely done.
    Good luck on the weight training!
    The banana and the grapes..... odd pic... odd combo.. just sayin' .. could be me though.. :) struck me odd...
    And how dare you use the dreaded "RED" "Christmas" cup from Starbucks! You have a lot of nerve Mr!! LOL
    Really.. you would think this world had better things to think about than a color of a cup.... I just shake my head with what this world is coming to... A damn cup.
    Pretty soon we won't be able to show a damn turkey for fear it will hurt someone's feelings!
    Ok.. That's off my chest...
    Gobble Gobble... Merry Christmas and all the rest...lets just all relax.


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