Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 21st, 2015 Calorie Confident

November 21st, 2015 Calorie Confident

I'm looking forward to releasing another Winning Loser Video Blog tomorrow night. I recently received an email from a reader who watched the scale episode, but was unaware of the others. I'll figure out how better to feature these along the side bar, until then, I'm posting all five previous episodes on this post.

My expectations and schedule was fairly out of line with reality. In episode 1.5 I mention releasing one per week. Yeah--that wasn't realistic or hasn't been, so far. And I'm cool with this. I enjoy doing these as I can along the way. More will come! 

Winning Loser Video Blog library thus far...

Today started early, with a special fundraising radio show for an area high school marching band. They're invited to play at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta on December 31st. We handed them the keys to the radio station, and they did remarkably well! I was part of the studio staff engineering and producing the broadcast behind the scenes. My Saturday's normally don't start at 5:30am, but for a good cause, I can make an exception.

After last night's falling asleep in my recliner thing, I was lucky to get back to sleep by 2am--so it was a short rest overnight. I planned on a midday nap and that happened. It had to happen!

I managed the day well, considering the unusual schedule.

My car made it out of the shop today. What a relief! I picked it up after the broadcast and made my way to the store to grab ingredients for some vegetable beef soup before returning home for some homemade guacamole and chips--getting the soup started and napping.

I made time for a great workout late this afternoon before heading to the Ground Round Grill and Bar down the street to watch the Oklahoma State-Baylor football game and enjoy dinner. The game didn't go the way I hoped. The dinner did go exactly the way I wanted.

I never hesitate to ask for what I need. I've yet to find a restaurant unwilling to accommodate my special requests. I didn't want the glaze on my chicken because glaze equals sugar. I didn't want flour tortillas, I wanted soft corn tortillas instead. I didn't want oil used on my peppers and onions. And... I wanted lettuce, sour cream and a small side of shredded cheese--all separate, on the side. They nailed every aspect of my special order. It was perfect. I was calorie confident. And I value that kind of certainty. This approach isn't unusual for me while dining out. I rarely even use a menu. I know what they have, I know how I want it and I make the request in a very polite, can you help me out, kind of way.

It's been a well rounded day. I smashed my #watergoal with 15 cups. Not a record, but big for me. Making sure I get enough water has always been a challenge, especially before I instituted the water accountability tweets. I've hit a minimum of 8 cups 99% of the time since starting those over a year ago. Before--not even close. Accountability measures work!

I'm wrapping my Saturday and feeling great about it all the way around. Our station did a good thing this morning, my car is fixed, I made some great soup, I got my nap, I worked out well, I ordered my dinner out with a focus on exactly what I needed and my Oklahoma State Cowboys...oooh, wait, unfortunately they lost the game.

I guess it wasn't great all the way around. But it was close. And close works well.

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  1. During this season of Thanks - I need to thank you once again for your faithful daily reports. Your blog is the first thing I go to when I turn on my computer - and am so happy I can depend on you having it there! Superb motivation for me. Thank you!!!!!

  2. I really need to work on my water consumption again, my "Plant Nanny" app plants were dying so often I gave up on them! But I'm fully settled into the new house, time to get back into a routine with stuff like that.


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