Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5th, 2015 Come What May

November 5th, 2015 Come What May

Today was busy but rewarding. I make this crazy schedule, so I really haven't the right to complain, only change, if needed.

I split my workday in two chunks of time and taped an opening scene for an upcoming Winning Loser Video Blog in the middle. We're having so much fun creating these Vlogs. I hope you're enjoying watching!

We finished in enough time for me to race home, eat something of a holdover until a late lunch and grab a quick forty-five minute nap before returning to the studio for afternoon production duties.

My food and coffee choices today were strategically consumed. I wanted a late lunch and a late dinner to bookend two commitments this evening. I was invited to participate on an advisory board of an area college's broadcast/journalism/mass communications program. It was an honor to be asked. A complimentary dinner was offered. My plan was to pass, opt for water only--then eat dinner at home, later.

I attended Rachel's Challenge at the High School immediately after my meeting. has more information on this powerful presentation. It's all about positive change starting with one and creating a chain reaction within schools and communities. It's too much to explain and describe on this blog page tonight--but after promoting it on my show for a couple of weeks, I just had to witness the presentation.

I'm booked on four stand-up comedy shows this weekend, two tomorrow night and two Saturday night. I'm simply opening/emceeing with a short set of material before bringing on two other comics. It's perfect for me. I can emcee and do 8-10 minutes of material--and it gives me a taste of stand-up, an opportunity to exercise that part of me, without being a huge commitment. If you're near Stillwater, Oklahoma this weekend, come out for a great time! Visit for details.

I've written many times over the last year and a half about the importance of nurturing our core elements. Many of the things I'm doing these days are all about this concept. It's why I enjoy doing the video blogs, it's why I'm making an effort to do stand-up occasionally, it's why I'll be doing the Winning Loser Podcast very soon, and it's why I enjoy co-moderating two support groups with Life Coach Gerri, among other things.

I can't do 'em all, all the time, but I'm doing what I can. On the counsel of a trusted adviser, I'm remaining very aware of my energy and potential to attempt too much at one time. So I'm spacing it out, taking care and finding a balance I can handle.

Oh--almost forgot to mention, I'm booked to speak next Thursday afternoon with a large group of high school students about the power of choosing change! I'm thrilled about this one. 

What's interesting is how I once, years ago, claimed I was just too busy to take care of myself in the way of losing weight. 

Making a life to love, making time to experience happiness cultivated from the core elements within and keeping the life stream running in the foreground while the fundamental elements stream of my recovery and maintenance run just below, has proved to me something powerful.

The belief I once held about not having time to take extraordinary care with weight loss was a convenient out--and one that few would counter, and that made it perfect. It seemed completely justifiable. I was comfortable being a victim of my circumstance because it enabled me to continue denying a pattern of self-destruction. Now I know...

We're capable of taking extraordinary care, come what may.

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  1. A very wise friend once told me, "You can do ANYTHING. But you can't do EVERYTHING." I now pass that advice onto you. (Although it seems like you have folks on your team already telling you this.)


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