Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 12th, 2015 Back To School

November 12th, 2015 Back To School

Today was exceptional. Except for a small amount of production time this afternoon, I had the day off. I needed this time to bring my focus in tight on the speaking event this afternoon.

I slept in fairly well. I put the finishing touches on the plans for my talk, prepared a great breakfast--then headed to the high school to survey the assembly center set up. It was perfectly ready.

The challenge today was to modify the content of my message in a way high school students could easily relate. I used my transformation, experience and story as a point of attention--then shifted the lessons and epiphanies into easily understood concepts they could apply in their own young lives. I made it about them, not me and I really believe it resonated well.

After an opening song and dance (yes--an opening song where everyone was encouraged to get up and dance for 30 seconds or so), a few quick jokes and a couple of laughs, we got down to business: "There are things we'll discuss today that you'll never forget as long as you live." That's a pretty bold statement--but judging from the intense focus and attention from many of the students, I truly believe it. I gave them homework; a simple exercise designed for them to clearly define their own core elements.

The overall message was about how we take care of ourselves and how we treat others is largely dependent on how we feel in terms of self-worth and identity. The concepts explored and the exercise offered, encouraged the students to identify, nurture and celebrate the core elements/qualities of who they are-and embrace these as authentic paths to their own personal happiness, rather than seeking self-worth/identity from constantly changing external sources.

Comedian Amy Schumer is a great example of someone who fully understands and applies these concepts. Recently asked if she was happier now that her career has blossomed in monumental ways, she replied: "I'm just as happy as I was several years ago, when I was waiting tables and tending a bar."

It's #TBT!
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Today's Throwback Thursday photo is a sampling of different speaking event photos over the last several years. Actually, not all. The tuxedo/yellow back lit photo was a private stand-up comedy engagement. I'm seriously looking forward to doing more!

I had a great food day, today. I enjoyed some excellent coffee. I didn't workout--that's tomorrow. I'm still sore from yesterday's session with the trainer. Oh my-- I worked muscles that have long been ignored...obviously, because they've been whining most of the day. It's a good sore. And the workout prescribed isn't too elaborate. I'll be doing it solo tomorrow and my next session with the trainer is set for Tuesday. These strength training sessions will be 2-3 times per week, with my usual cardio workouts 2-3 times per week. This makes for a minimum of four workouts a week and maximum of six. I like that balance and flexibility. 

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  1. I would've enjoyed hearing the entire presentation.

    1. I would have enjoyed you being there, Robin!

  2. Here is a video you can relate. I mentioned him before, but need to correct the name. He is Robert H. LUSTIG, M.D. of UCSF. You can find many of his lectures on YouTube as well. Yourr diet is already compliant with his advice.

    1. Lee, thank you! I'm going to watch this lecture!


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