Sunday, November 22, 2015

November 22nd, 2015 Pick Your Freedom

November 22nd, 2015 Pick Your Freedom

I spent a bunch of time doing my best to create the next episode of the Winning Loser Video Blog. I kept having issues. So, I'm calling it a night and I hope to have it uploaded by tomorrow night. That's what I get for stating in a matter of fact fashion, "the next episode will be released tomorrow night!" Not that I think you're waiting on it--I'm just saying, lesson learned. I'll release them along the way without the tease!

I shared some thoughts today within the support group I co-facilitate with Life Coach Gerri, about Thanksgiving perspective--which incidentally is the topic of this next video blog episode--, I thought I would share it here, too, before officially calling it a night.

I cannot count the times Thanksgiving signaled the end of a weight loss attempt in my past. This Thanksgiving will be my eighth since this blog started in September 2008. I've had some time and experience dissecting and developing my perspective...

The thought starter here was the idea of making Thanksgiving "a free day" with food.

The goal, to me, in regard to food--is to redefine the relationship. And these new practices and important perspectives are designed to accompany me in all food situations, including the biggest of all food holidays, Thanksgiving! 

The concept of a "free day," strongly suggests that what I'm doing any other time is simply a means to an other words, if my plan and perspective is constantly leaving me longing for when I can break "free," going back to my old behaviors, than I must reevaluate my plan and perspective. 

What we do shouldn't feel like shackles and chains we're desperately wanting to be free of... It's kind of like, "pick your freedom!" Do we want freedom to cut loose, go on a free for all that completely sacrifices our goals and desires and the ultimate freedoms we know exists when we take good care? 

Or do we want a freedom that affords us so many blessings (the list of blessings/freedoms is too long to list them all---mental-emotional and physical--it's a long list if you think about it)--and still allows us to eat, within certain boundaries? 

Ultimately, Thanksgiving will be what we make it-- In my experience, if I shift the perspective and embrace the people around me--the opportunity to catch up--the special moments--the making memories---It's then, that I have the most wonderful experience. 

I never truly enjoyed Thanksgiving in this way before I started losing weight--because I was in a food fog...My focus was on all of the food--and how much I could eat...I hardly noticed or cared about much else around me...and then I would pop some antacid tablets and find a place to sleep it off... It's not too far removed from what has become completely acceptable and expected in our society/world---but for me, a food addict, it's a dangerous doesn't just sacrifice a more meaningful Thanksgiving experience--for me, it potentially sacrifices everything after...up to and including my very life. 

Okay--enough of, some practical suggestions: Increase your calorie budget by 700-1,000 calories on Thanksgiving. Yep. Give yourself room--but here's the catch: Log everything, keep your count--maintain those boundaries... Make a walk or some form of exercise important that day... By maintaining the integrity of your modified plan, you should feel a nice measure of certainty... and on a psychological level, that's really important....Also, do you best to shift your focus from the food to the people around you as described above... Focus on gratitude, as the day suggests--giving extra thought and attention to the blessings you enjoy. If you do these things, I'm confident you'll not feel like you're being held against your will, longing for freedom... You'll feel a confidence in your plan and a perspective that is in harmony with your heart's desire--your goals along this road.

I spent the evening with mom in Stillwater. We had dinner at our usual place. It's such a blessing to have a wonderful relationship with her. Our sense of humor is very similar, and this results in a lot of laughs whenever we get together. We had a nice drive around town after dinner before I took her back to her place and headed home. It was a very nice evening.

I participated in active support communications, online, via phone and in person today. After each, we often exchange a mutual thank you. Because, you see, regardless of who reached out for support, both parties involved benefit from the exchange.

I'm grateful for another successful day.

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  1. I'll be staying on my abstention based food template this year for Thanksgiving. 5th Thanksgiving that I've not used the holiday as an excuse to fuel the binge eating.

    It's much easier to focus on friends and family when I'm not eating my way to chronic and acute diseases.

    1. " an excuse to fuel the binge eating." LOVE THIS, Karen!!! Well said, my friend--well said! Congrats on your continued recovery, maintenance and life...and the freedoms that come from your commitment!


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