Friday, November 6, 2015

November 6th, 2015 So I Let It Be

November 6th, 2015 So I Let It Be

Today didn't go exactly as planned. My plan was to arrive in Stillwater by 5pm, enjoy dinner and arrive at the venue for my stand-up gig by 6pm. I became too busy at work to get away when I needed in order to make that plan work. Instead, I was rolling into Stillwater a little after 6pm, grabbed my go to meal in a pinch of almonds, banana and cheese--and still, my calories were too low.

I clearly didn't plan well. I decided to order something after my second set, only to find the kitchen at this hotel venue closed. It was frustrating. I decided to make the best of a less than ideal situation and wait to get some food until after the late show. That's what I did. It wasn't ideal to eat this late. I don't like to eat this late, but it was within my budget and I was hungry, so I let it be.

My stand-up wasn't too shabby tonight, considering these were my third and fourth sets of the last dozen years. It's really like riding a bike. And considering 75% of my material was brand new untested in front of an audience stuff, it was awesome.

I found myself doing the same things I once did in the middle of my "stand-up days," as I like to refer to them. I was immediately critiquing myself--and every bit. How can I refine, edit and get to the punch quicker? I finally reminded myself why I'm doing these sets and future sets. I'm not in pursuit of anything other than the pure joy found in doing the material in front of a live audience.

I did not want to get off stage after ten minutes. I wanted more time to work stuff out! I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's shows. This is a good experience ahead of a corporate stand-up booking on December 12th where I'm doing forty minutes.

I think I have a tendency to get over-confident. I pride myself on being able to adjust on the fly fairly easily--but today's experience proved I must make sure I'm a little better prepared.

I have a location broadcast from 11am-1pm tomorrow. It will be a much easier schedule. My early dinner plans shouldn't have an issue tomorrow at 5pm.

I'll let the tweets take it the rest of the way....

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  1. I'm very impressed you stuck to the plan, even tho it was not exactly how you like it to go. I see your daily omelet as the anchor of your day. I like that. You have several opportunities to go eat fast food and you could have justified it, but you stood firm even when the wind was blowing hard. I'm glad you can wake up this morning without regrets. Days like this for me always make me stronger for the next challenge. thanks always for sharing, and keeping it real.


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