Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 15th, 2015 Daydreams

November 15th, 2015 Daydreams

Positive visualizations have been a constant practice for me along this road. Daydreaming the future, allowing yourself to see it, feel it--almost touch it, is very powerful.

I ran across an excerpt from Day 11, all the way back to 2008. I shared some daydreams of mine that night. This was over seven years ago. I was still married and still somewhere around 500 pounds--It was Day 11, so probably in the 490's. Most of these daydreams have become reality at some point along the way.

And please, remember, when you read the part about "growing old with my wife." Irene and I have the most wonderful post-divorce relationship two people could ever hope to have. Our relationship today is built on mutual respect, support and a genuine love and caring for one another's well being. I've been told it's a rare thing. It's a beautiful thing. Besides, having two daughters and a grandson (and more someday, likely) will actually, God willing, find us growing old together as parents and grandparents.

When I read this earlier today, I immediately had flashbacks to the very moments these daydreams transitioned from dreams to reality. I've had a few airplane rides since, where fitting in the seat wasn't a worry in the least. I'll never forget our family amusement park trip when we rode every roller coaster in the park--not because we love coasters--simply because I could fit and it felt amazing to fit. Thank goodness for motion sickness tablets. We passed those around that day like we once passed around antacids.

I remember driving a friends Corvette and test driving a two seat Mazda Miata--and just the other day, that tiny little two seat Crossfire was an amazing drive--all of these vehicles would have been impossible to sit in at my heaviest.

The big ones though--oh my, those daydreams are still unfolding into reality all the time. Walking Amber down the aisle was one of them and spending quality time with my grandson was and continues to be another.

My grandson Noah is with me tonight. I'm hitting the pillow a very grateful, blessed and happy man in so many ways. And many of these blessings started as motivating thoughts--daydreams. Let's go back more than seven years---

Day 11--September 25th, 2008:

I always carry with me my motivating thoughts. And if you're trying to lose weight too, you should always have a daydream ready to go. 

I daydream about what I will see when I look in the mirror someday. I daydream about buying clothes that look good, fit perfectly, and don't cost a bunch extra. I daydream about seeing people I haven't run into in years and them walking right by, not recognizing me. Maybe I didn't want to talk to them convenient that will be! 

I daydream about flying on an airplane without any worry about the size of the seat, flying without hoping they put me next to a really slender person, so I can bully away a third of their seat. Flying with my wife without her giving up all of her comfort because my elbow is embedded in her ribs (we've only flown together once in our lives, and that poor girl was squished most of the way—yet I don't remember her ever complaining about it---she loves me so much!) I daydream about getting into any vehicle without worrying if I'm going to fit. I daydream about going to an amusement park---and I don't even like rides---But I still daydream about going and riding on rides without being embarrassed because the bar can't “click”. 

But you know what daydreams motivate me most? Daydreams about growing old with my wonderful wife, daydreams about watching my kids grow into successful adults, daydreams about walking my daughters down the isle, daydreams about being there for my grandchildren, daydreams about seeing my family and friends getting in shape, being healthy, and living longer too. 

These are the daydreams and motivating thoughts that keep me going strong everyday. Soon those daydreams will become reality because I've decided they will. 

What do you daydream?

 photo bubbles_zpswekeuujj.jpg
We had fun with bubbles!!
 photo A2020Noah20collage_zpsmqsxwn2g.jpg
This little guy was full of energy tonight. I matched him every step of the way.

It was an awesome food day, too!! My lunch (see tweet below) was a big favorite of mine. Incredibly satisfying in every way. The turkey dinner tonight was fantastic. Noah loves roasted turkey breast. Homemade mashed red potatoes with butter, half & half and salt/pepper, with homemade turkey gravy, was something different for me and crazy delicious!!

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