Friday, November 20, 2015

November 20th, 2015 How To Ride The Ride

November 20th, 2015 How To Ride The Ride

I was out of eggs this morning. I made an adjustment and moved on.

My desperately needed car repair couldn't wait another day. It went in the shop. They soon called to tell me it'll cost more than the original estimate and take an extra day. I really thought they were calling to say, "it's ready!" I made an adjustment and moved on.

My workday turned out to be busier than I expected. I made an adjustment and moved on.

I decided to take a break after dinner. The plan was to relax for an hour in my recliner. This isn't an ordinary recliner, it's an old--well worn (translation: Comfortable) Lazy-Boy Big Man's recliner. This recliner has been in my living space longer than this blog. I hardly ever make time to enjoy its relaxing recline. When I'm home, I'm at my desk or in the kitchen or in bed. I've gone two and three months at a time without ever sitting in that recliner.

Once upon a time, I used that recliner all the time. And almost every time, as if it had special powers, I'd fall asleep.

Some things remain the same.

Amber gifted me the Back To The Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy set of DVD's. It's packed with fascinating special features. I've watched some. I wanted to watch more, tonight.

So I the recliner...with my apples and orange, remote in hand... I lasted about 20 minutes. I woke up after a long three hour snooze accompanied by Alan Silvestri's big score playing on loop for the title/menu screen. I don't remember dreaming but if I did, it had an adventurous score!

My plan to get into the gym for my workout after this entertainment break? Not happening tonight.

Tomorrow starts very early. My challenge now is to go back to sleep as quickly as possible.

I'll make some adjustments and move on.

Things don't always go perfectly as planned. And that's okay. I've learned how to ride the ride, hold on tighter when needed and always smile when the plan gets tilted. This ability starts with a willingness to be flexible and make adjustments keeping me from getting tilted. My job isn't to be in complete control of the ride. My job is to do my best at making necessary adjustments in an effort to maintain balance along the way. Like a bull rider, a surfer, skateboarder or hoverboard rider. 

Besides, if everything always unfolded as planned, we would rarely learn anything new.

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  1. pssssst: you are allowed to relax. Better than that, your body NEEDS to relax. They all do, occasionally. It's very restorative. ;)

    1. You're very right, Gwen. Thank you! My body does need it!!

  2. Fantastic Blog! Thank you for the reminder of how we need to "Make an adjustment and move on" many times a day!

    1. Nancy, yes indeed! It's super important. I've ended several attempts in my past because things didn't go exactly the way I planned or thought they should go. Better to make adjustments and move forward!


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