Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1st, 2015 I Needed More Information

November 1st, 2015 I Needed More Information

It was a fairly relaxing Sunday. Noah dropped in late this afternoon for a trip to see grandma in Stillwater. We still hadn't gathered for my birthday, so that was the primary reason for the trip, aside from simply enjoying a good visit.

We dined on Mexican last night, so the challenge for this evening was to find something different. I had heard about this new place in town called Pie Five. I had heard things like, "the Chipotle of pizza," everything is fresh, type things. I needed more information.

I checked the website and found a fantastic nutrition calculator based on items selected for a personal pizza. I had two big questions. What's in the sauce and what's in the crust?

This information wasn't on the website, so I called the manager. I politely explained what I needed to know. And then I asked for her to describe how they prepare the sauce. "We use crushed tomatoes, garlic and Italian spices." "The tomatoes, are they fresh or canned?" "Canned, okay--can you read me the ingredients list--any sugar in there?" "Just tomatoes, okay--so, no sugar in the sauce. that's good." "What about the crust? How is the thin crust made?" "We don't use sugar." "But you use a mix, right?" "Can you look at the ingredients of the mix? Do you see sugar listed?" "Nope, no sugar." 

After trying this place out and feeling slightly strange afterward, I'm starting to doubt the manager. It's not quite the feeling I experienced a few weeks ago with the accidental two sips of sugared coffee, but I recognized a difference. I've never had this feeling after the Hideaway's thin gluten free crust veggie pizza--also purported to be sugar free, so I don't know. Not sure I'll trust that place again unless I see the ingredients list with my own eyes. 

I went into the place feeling confident, having done the homework. It didn't take long at all. I researched, created a custom food in MyFitnessPal with the nutritional specs and everything. If an ingredient did have some sugar in it, it certainly wasn't intentional on my part. And the great thing is, whatever created the weird feeling upon leaving the place seems to have subsided. I feel great tonight.  

Noah was fun tonight. I enjoy every second I get to spend with him. And I know Grandma and Uncle Keith enjoyed seeing him, too. It was a quick visit, but still, some quality family time!

My Aunt Kelli sent me this "before" photo last night. It was November 2002 in Dallas, TX.

I'm wrapping the weekend feeling fantastic and ready for the week ahead. The weight loss support groups I co-facilitate with Life Coach Gerri start tomorrow. Monday night is full and only three spots remain in the Tuesday night group.

If you're ready to sign up for the Tuesday night group, here's the direct link to the registration page:

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  1. I sincerely think there's no reason the manager would be anything but honest with you. It would be more of a hassle for her if you were to dine there and have some big reaction. Say your allergic or diabetic or such.

  2. I love the before photos! I wish I would have taken more, not deleted any of me at me heaviest, unfortunately I was an expert of avoiding the camera, deleting all the photos except the very best ones that did not truly represent my weight problem. But that has me thinking since I could see if my mother in law or other family members have some photos of me like your aunt.

    Considering what I have learned, your reaction may be MSG related and the question if the pizza has any MSG in the ingredients(highly likely) is IMO equally important as if it has any added sugar. Just a thought as I know MSG effects me similar to artificial sweeteners and can tell I will be craving more food after eating just a little bit.

  3. MSG does have big effects! It kicks in a migraine for me. There were times after eating in a Chinese place where I was told there was no MSG and within an hour or so of leaving, I started with the migraine signs. You can't fool the body - it reacts!!!!


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