Saturday, November 7, 2015

November 7th, 2015 It Was Phenomenal

November 7th, 2015 It Was Phenomenal

This weekend's stand up experience was phenomenal. Not all of the material worked. Not all the shows were well attended. It was phenomenal because I met some amazing people with fascinating stories. It was phenomenal because I had the opportunity to do something I absolutely love doing. They've asked me to come back. And I'm there, any time they need me.

Doing stand-up without a single reference to my size or any harsh self-deprecating material felt nice. My weight loss did come up in conversation after the shows tonight. And I had an opportunity to share a small amount of my philosophy of transformation and personal experience.

I find I'm not as comfortable talking about my weight loss/transformation in a casual setting, after a show like this, because it feels like I'm talking too much. I'd rather be quiet and listen. At the same time, I love sharing my perspective and experience, especially if I feel it might help to inspire someone. I felt like that opportunity existed tonight, so I'm okay with how it became a topic of conversation.

I stayed late tonight, visiting with my cousin Candi, with the two other comedians and with the owners of the club. It was worth every minute.

I grabbed some coffee with 2% nilk and my #lastfoodofday before heading back home.

It's super late, I'm calling it a night.

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  1. I enjoyed reading that you are now doing stand-up without referring to your size. Isn't it great to just be *you* and not *your body*? I have been reading your blog and I feel the need to cut all refined sugar from my diet too. I started my commitment today! I've lost weight and would like to lose a little bit more and kepp it off. There are appetite stimulating additives in several pizzas on the grocery shelves. If I want pizza, I'll have to make my own from scratch. Your blog inspired me to research sugar addiction. I have been listening to lectures by Prof. Robert Luftkin on the dangers of processed foods.

    1. Lee, oh my, yes---it feels amazing to be kind to myself for a change and just be funny, not brutally self-deprecating. I'll never forget all of the people who came up to me after shows years ago and expressed how some of my material bothered them, for me...because a lot of it was just downright mean... It's refreshing to NOT do that.
      Congrats on making the refined sugar abstinence decision. Lee, as you know, I consider it the best nutritional and even bigger, one of the best recovery decisions I've made along the way. It's been nothing short of life changing. I hope you'll let me know how you feel after two short weeks.
      I'll look up Professor Luftkin!
      On the pizza---I use a sugar free 90 cal flatbread and a sugar free/all natural tomato basil sauce. It makes a fantastic thin crust pizza experience!
      Thank you for reading, Lee!

  2. Thanks! The flatbread and sauce are on my grocery list. I will keep track of my progress and give you an update. I'm just learning how to create my blog to document my efforts.
    Thank you for sharing your success knowledge Sean!

  3. Correction. The professor's name is Robert LUSTIG, M.D. A professor associated with UC San Francisco. He is very angry about processed food having added sugar causing the obesity epidemic.


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