Friday, November 13, 2015

November 13th, 2015 Right Here At Home

November 13th, 2015 Right Here At Home

First thing,

The horrific news coming out of Paris is hard to process and understand. My thoughts and prayers are with those directly affected. I know of a couple regular readers who live in Paris. I hope and pray they're okay. I didn't even know what happened until my location broadcast ended late this afternoon.
My workday started early and ended late. Twelve hours passed from the time I walked out my door before six am until I walked back through, exhausted. The exhaustion had less to do with the physical movement of my day and more to do with my habit of not getting enough sleep the night before.

The afternoon included my car overheating, suggesting a possible stuck thermostat and perhaps a leak in a hose. This vehicle development encouraged me to cancel some weekend travel plans for a retreat of sorts a few hours North of here. A good friend of mine invited me to stay a couple of relaxing days with his family in the small Kansas town where they live. It was to be a good weekend of writing, relaxing, exercising and refreshing. I'll get the car checked on Monday and reschedule this retreat for another weekend. In the meantime, since I'm off from broadcasting duties this weekend, I'll make a point to write, relax, exercise and refresh--right here at home.

I didn't have any second thoughts about a late nap. I took a great nap. It was necessary and refreshing. It pushed everything back a ways, but I'm open on my schedule at the moment and it allows me to stay up later working on things important to me. I can sleep in tomorrow.

I've postponed my solo weight training session from today to tomorrow. It wouldn't have been a problem had this been a normal schedule kind of day. It certainly wasn't. Postponing a day might give my muscles time to get over Wednesday's session. My goodness--I was sore today, even more than yesterday.

My location broadcast was at a car dealer this afternoon. And of course, they tried to sell me...
 photo Two20Seater_zpsrcigvw5f.jpg
I'm not in a position to buy a vehicle on a whim, so it simply wasn't an option. However, I couldn't turn down the offer to drive this little two seat Chrysler Crossfire simply because there was a time--a very long time in my 500 pound existence, when I couldn't fit inside a tiny little two seat convertible. Now I can fit with plenty of room and physically, that's an incredible experience. The big question: Where would I put my grandson?

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  1. That car suits you, you need to reconsider.

    1. You sound like the salesperson at the dealer! Thank you, Robin.

  2. Sean, thanks for coming to PoHi Thursday.

    1. You're welcome! Great kids. It was truly my pleasure!


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