Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8th, 2015 Making It So

November 8th, 2015 Making It So

I hit the pillow ridiculously late this morning. Or would it be considered early? It was after 4am. I managed to get up at a semi-reasonable time, considering. I'm looking forward to getting back into my normal routine, especially when it comes to my workouts. This upcoming week starts weight training with a trainer helping me get started on a scheduled and structured plan. I'm letting go of my hangups and embracing this new thing. It's very important. I'm making it so.

Several of my close friends and advisers have expressed concern that I might be attempting to do too much, all at once. There's a balance I'm looking forward to finding. I certainly don't disagree with them--not at all. It's a real challenge to pace myself when I feel as good as I do. They're absolutely right, though. Scaling back on commitments a little and finding a balanced approach moving forward is critically important. I'm not denying the fact that I'm doing too much at times, but I will say some of it has been a scheduling circumstance where a lot of different things were too close together. And when you couple this with poor time management skills, there's only one way to describe it: Hectic.

We wrapped shooting material this afternoon for the next Winning Loser Video Blog, then I made my way back to Stillwater to visit with mom over dinner. I'm truly blessed with a great mom. I'm incredibly grateful for her in my life.

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  1. I see your girls in your mum
    Keep going strong 😃

  2. Congrats on signing up with a trainer. I have found it to be very useful and motivating. i think it's a terrific idea and will help you take your workouts to the next level!

    1. Neca, Thank you. I'm ready to step up and commit. I seriously don't think it's as big a barrier as I'm making it out to be, ya know?


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