Thursday, November 26, 2015

November 26th, 2015 A Plan And A Set of Non-Negotiable Elements

November 26th, 2015 A Plan And A Set of Non-Negotiable Elements

The changing of the seasons from summer to fall was always a popular time for me to start weight loss attempts. Thanksgiving was never far away and it almost always signaled the beginning of the end. The only time it didn't stop my efforts cold, was when I started losing weight in the fall of 2008. My approach to that Thanksgiving was structured with a plan. I fully believed if I could maintain the integrity of that plan I could accomplish two things: I could enjoy Thanksgiving and stay on track beyond the special day. I made my plan important. I made me important. And for once in my life, Thanksgiving didn't signal the beginning of the end, it was the beginning of a new weight loss perspective.

Today marked my 8th Thanksgiving along this transformation road and the 2nd since starting recovery from relapse/regain. As in years past, I had a plan and a set of non-negotiable elements ready to go.

I allowed for an extra 300 calories in my budget. From there, I vowed to maintain the integrity of my Thanksgiving calorie budget, I vowed to remain abstinence from refined sugar, and I vowed to get a brisk 5K walk in before the end of the day. These were non-negotiable elements. I'm happy to report, I honored my commitment today. And it was fantastic. I didn't use a single calorie of the extra 300 I allowed. It just wasn't necessary. I'm fortunate to be in maintenance mode and my 2300 calorie daily budget works very well for my obviously repaired metabolism.

I stayed connected with support buddies throughout the day and that always strengthens my resolve.

I indulged in conversation, in taking pictures, in giving hugs and catching up with loved ones. I focused on gratitude, giving thanks for my many blessings and expressing to people how much I appreciate them. It was a great day because my focus wasn't fixed on the buffet line. My focus was right where it needed to be in order for me to have the most wonderful day possible.

I skipped the sugar free rolls and sugar free desserts this year. Those sugar free items were kind of novelty to me last year. This year, I just didn't find it appealing in the least. Whatever is used in making the sugar free items work, upsets my stomach. Remaining abstinent from refined sugar gives me a peace and clarity I never before experienced. And from this more stable place, I'm able to make better decisions within my plan.

I didn't take any of the leftovers home. I let others handle the removal of excess food. Besides, I'm horrible with leftovers. I just threw out an entire pot of veggie beef soup. I'm not big on soups, I guess.

My original plan included an outdoor 5K today, but the weather didn't cooperate. I took it indoors at the gym and onto a treadmill. I did the treadmill 5K, then headed for the studio to get a few things done. I'm about to drop. I'll be sleeping in tomorrow. It'll be refreshing.
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  1. Great day, Sean!! Mine was good also, and right on plan...second Thanksgiving in a row. I'm thankful for a lot of things but deeply grateful that I am not fearful of bingeing my way through the holidays. Grateful for your blog and the encouragement it gives me. Thank you for getting up and choosing life each helps all of us. Shirley from TN

    1. Shirley, this is so wonderful to read! Isn't it incredible to not feel so completely lost? You're welcome! I'm grateful for wonderful support from people like you. Thank you! I hope your weekend is full of rest and wonderful times. :)


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