Friday, October 28, 2016

October 28th, 2016 Hot And Ready

October 28th, 2016 Hot And Ready

Today's schedule came as a surprise. I knew I had two location broadcasts, but I didn't realize the first started at 10am. This dramatically shifted my plan. I had to make some changes on the fly. And that happens sometimes and I'm grateful I can do that without too much trouble. The key for me is being prepared. A 10am-2pm broadcast after a 6-9am morning show, with production in between, doesn't leave much time for planning and preparation.

I relied on my trusty backup plan of almonds, cheese, and a banana--this trio has come in handy on several occasions where I needed something fairly substantial but didn't have the time to prepare something or anything or anything, for that matter.

"Grab a bun, the burgers are hot and ready." Many of the location broadcasts I do involve free food. Today's 10-2 involved free hamburgers, hotdogs, potato chips and Halloween candy. "You ready for a burger?" I just kept saying "No, thank you, I'm good." But this particular grill master was becoming somewhat of a food pusher. After my third decline, he finally stopped suggesting.

It wasn't my food. 

And I don't sacrifice my plan. 

I can adjust my plan on the fly, if needed and IF the adjustments remain within the overall boundaries of my plan, but I don't sacrifice the integrity of the plan. I'd rather go without and eat sometime later than do something like that.

This recovery business, for me, requires a commitment to taking extraordinary care with my food--and that means maintaining the integrity of the food plan I've designed--the one that fits me very well--the one I truly enjoy. 

If I started sacrificing the integrity of my food plan to fit in or in the name of convenience because I didn't plan well--then it would be the beginning of the end and I'd quickly go back to 500 pounds. The key is in remembering: I make the choices for me. I refuse to be a victim of circumstance with my food choices. Because the truth is, these circumstances along the way never had to derail me--I always wanted them to derail me---I used them in my arsenal of rationalizations for the choices and food behaviors that were killing me while conveniently denying any amount of responsibility for my own behavior. But why?? Because a few basic human needs were being met: Certainty (or the appearance of certainty found in the illusion of comfort), variety and connection.

Anyway, not that I need to explain, but the buns contained refined sugar, for one--(I've been abstinent from refined sugar for 912 consecutive days and believe me, I'm not sacrificing my streak easily or casually--oh no, if ever I do that--and I pray I don't--but if ever I did, it would be an epic meltdown requiring me to ignore powerful truths I've learned about myself along the way) And although I could have eaten a burger with mustard--these were high-fat/high-calorie burgers--so then it becomes a simple calorie-value decision.

Do I really want to invest somewhere between 325-375 calories for a relatively small hamburger patty dipped in mustard?

I had my "holdover" food--the almonds, cheese, and banana--and I quietly enjoyed these, then during a break between broadcasts, I made it home and prepared two veggie pita pizzas for 345 calories, total--now there's a good calorie value comparison-- a small & greasy hamburger patty dipped in mustard or what was essentially four slices of pita pizza? I'm going with the low cal veggie pizzas. But that's just me.

I almost grabbed a to-go order on the way home tonight. It was late and I was really tired. But honestly, what I made for dinner really didn't take too much effort--and considering I'll likely dine out again over the weekend at some point, I decided to cook dinner at home. I really didn't want salmon two nights in a row--but it was a use it or lose it type thing. I picked up a little over a pound of fresh salmon on sale, cut into four servings--it came out to about two bucks a serving for fresh salmon and that's a steal, really--unless I let it go bad--so I had to cook it tonight. I didn't want to freeze this never frozen fresh fish.

I get to finally sleep in really well tomorrow morning. I'll easily exceed 7 hours.

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I met my daily water goal. I had a decent amount of natural exercise from being on my feet and moving during six hours worth of location broadcasting. And I remained well connected with great support contacts.

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  1. Once I ditched : buns, tortillas, taco shells, chips, bread of all kinds I not only got food sober, but I opened the door to lots and lots of veggie based protein delivery systems.

    Romaine lettuce for taco shells and taco meat bases, sauteed broccoli noodles for regular pasta, riced broccoli for rice, sauteed cabbage as a noodle sub.

    I eat more veggies now than I have in my life. And I stay food sober. Onward and I wouldn't even think of going back to the old, high carb foods. Taste is so good.

    Glad you are staying on your food template. It makes a world of difference.

  2. I too like the convenience of the packaged health snacks like nuts. Remembering your sleep challenges: The use of electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, and iPads in the evening suppresses melatonin hormone production that signals your body that it is evening and time to go to sleep. It takes some time to make the appropriate changes to your schedule. You may try wearing orange/copper glasses while working on the computer devices to block radiant light emissions. Wishing you well as I log-off of my own computer now.... LEE


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